July 20, 2011

Masterpiece of God

A wise old teacher gave this homework assignment to her students:

Find an unnoticed flower around your home and study it.  Study its petals and leaves. Look at its colors. Turn it over and observe the underside of it.  As you do, remember this is your flower.  It might have gone unappreciated and unseen had you not found it and admired it.

The next day, after the students turned in their reports, the teacher said to them:

People are like your flower.  Each one is unique.  But you have to study them carefully to know this.  So many people go unappreciated because no one takes the time to admire their uniqueness.   Each of us is a masterpiece of God.  There wasn’t anyone like you before; there won’t be anyone like you again.

How true! Most of the time we forget that each of us are Masterpiece of God, and we are irrepeatable in the history of time, we take ourselves for granted and we take others too for granted, today I take time to not only appreciate myself, but will also find time to appreciate and admire those around me, and affirm their uniqueness, lest they go unappreciated and unnoticed.  

Be Blessed & Be Happy!

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