July 20, 2011

Change Myself

The Sufi Bayazid says this about himself:

“I was a revolutionary when I was young
And all my prayer to God was:
‘Lord give me energy to change the world.”

“As I approached middle age and realized
that half my life was gone without changing a single soul,
 I changed my prayer to:’
Lord, give me the grace to change all those who come in contact with me.
 Just my family and friends, and I shall be content.”

“Now that I am an old man and my days are numbered,
my one prayer is, “Lord, give me the grace to change myself’.
 If I had prayed for this right from the start I should not have wasted my life.”

I read this above inspiration, and was reflecting on How often I was asking for more energy in my life to change the world, I worked and worked, believing that I am here to change the world, whatever issue that came by, I felt I was called to bring in changes whether its among young people, or woman or people infected with HIV&AIDS or Alcoholics, and persons who knew me appreciated me for my involvement and commitment, I felt happy because I thought I was changing the world, the challenges  still persists, and I was getting exhausted.

There was another time, I strongly felt, I must change all those who have come in my life, my family and friends – I did not succeed, the gap widened, for myself righteous attitude isolated me further from my family and friends, so today I ask for grace to change myself – and I know that this will bring in a lot of difference to my life, I want to make this my constant prayer so that I am completely transformed  into the kind of person I was ever meant to be.

“Lord, give me the grace to change myself’.

 Be Blessed & Be Happy!

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