July 15, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Mary is my sister in law, my husband’s only sister – today I wish her a very Happy Birthday and pray that the Lord may bless her and grant her love, peace, joy and happiness!

It s my privilege to write a few lines about Mary on her birthday –Mary was the first person I met in the family, and  I recall the day when I stepped in their house as a new bride,  nervous, and anxious to enter in a joint family with an arranged marriage. She was the person who made me feel at home and helped me right from day one,  orienting me about the family, their routines, their duties and also some of their beliefs and values, she was the first person who helped me in the kitchen, helping me find things, understand cooking and gradually helped me in all the household work. 

She was there for me when my children were born, helped me to take care of them, while me and my husband worked outside, and was very loving and affectionate to my kids, both my kids loved her for she was their favourite aunt, she took them out, told them stories and surprised them with gifts, my daughter is fond of her, and my son adored her, as she had special affection for him, because he could not articulate.   She was with us for 10 years of our married life, and we used to celebrate her birthday every year in our family. Currently she is married and lives in another part of the city – and we miss her in our family.

Today my heart is filled with gratitude for her presence in our lives, and all the difference she has made in our lives, I thank God for the gift of her and remember her with gratitude.

"Gratitude is the memory of the heart." - Jean Baptiste Massieu
Be Happy!

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