July 15, 2011

A Bouquet for Myself

I can’t believe myself, for I have started to swim in deep waters, and it’s a beautiful feeling, I have started loving the water and seem to be enjoying myself every day.  Every day I am attempting new things in the pool, some days I had been diving,  and the feeling of jumping right in the deep waters is a thrilling experience, and I am learning to swim backwards, while I attempted to do so.

I found that as long as I kept my body straight and head high, my feet were lifted up by the waters, and I am being just led with gentle movements in the water, I can move in any direction I want with my hand and leg movements,  while I lay backward, I look at the clouds,  moving with me, reminding of God who is always with us  and the trees all around were clapping hands for me, while I took new steps  and I felt enveloped by the waters that washed my face, giving me feeling of freshness and  a sense of well being, for a moment I was lost in the waters, I did not even realize, I have been in the swimming  pool for an hour, and I need to come out, as the time is up.

I look forward now for every day, to come early, so that I can get more time in the swimming  pool, and when I find my companions fearful or struggling, I am there for them, teaching what I learnt, and sharing some techniques with them that has helped me to swim.  Some youngsters marvel at me when they watch me swim, and they say I have very good stamina, for swimming continuously and for a longer period, I share with them my experiences of how I marveled at others, and with imitation and taking small steps have learnt to swim with confidence and courage. 

I have made a lot of friends, some of them housewives, some working women; we help each other, and make learning enjoyable.  Indeed the swimming pool is a blessing for me, where I forget everything and enjoy the company of myself.  I found this beautiful prayer that says: 

Let me live the day in such a way that at least one person |I will meet during this day will be happier for having met me.

Let me live the day in such a way that when this day is through and its toiling is over at least one person will remember me for my having spoken a kind word.

Let me live the day in such a way that when the evening arrives and darkness envelopes me, I will feel the satisfaction that I helped at least one person in need, and that I brought joy in at least one person’s life.

Let me live the day in such a way that when my eyes begin to close in slumber tonight I feel that I have felt a trail of kindnesss and not a scar of discontent, and I hear you say to me “well done.. You have indeed earned another day by the good you did today.”

Be Blessed & Be Happy !

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