January 10, 2011

A Tribute To Our Son

The journey of our son Mario Emmanuel came to a close on 2nd January, 2011. After a month long suffering, he died of pneumonia. As parents, we did our best to save our child and we did not succeed and feel disappointed and defeated. Yet at the same time we also believe that God had a purpose for our child. He gifted him to us for 7 years, and we are happy for all the joy Emmanuel brought into the family. We believe that in a short span of time, he stole hearts and continues to live in our lives.

I wrote this tribute to my son and wanted to share it with you. As I continue to grieve, I will also share with you in the days ahead, the process of his death during which we learned many lessons. 

Emmanuel, thank you for entering my life, for choosing me to be your mom. I loved you with all my heart; you brought so much joy into my life. You became so much a part of me, that I did everything in my life keeping you in mind. I never thought that your life could come to an end so soon.

I am grateful that I could be with you until the end of your journey. How could I let you suffer alone? I could never leave you alone anywhere, for I know that you needed me by your side. I always ensured that I was beside you in a new place, whether it was  a school, or a church or a function or visiting friends.

Today, I am lost without you. There is so much of emptiness and a deep void. I feel as if a part of me has died. I am not sure how life is going to be in your absence, for I am too shocked and out of balance. I am still struggling to believe that you are no more. Even though my mind has agreed,  my body is not cooperating at the moment. Perhaps, it's asking for more time, and I am giving it that space and rest.

But sweet child of mine, I look back with gratitude for the last 7 years of my life, and I feel that you have lived a perfect and full life. You were so full of life. Music and dance was so much part of your life. You had a way of attracting a lot of love and cheer. Your warm smile invited everyone into the house, and your unpredictable behavior took everyone by surprise. You were ready to welcome people, make them feel at home, and show your hospitality in your own way, that lingered on…... Hugs, kisses and shaking hands, were common ways you showed your love.  You never spoke a sentence, but you communicated excellently in your own sweet way, building relationships by your simplicity and love.

Emmanuel, you challenged me to think differently. You enabled and empowered me to define love in a new way. You were the angel of my life. Your smile melted all of my worries and sorrows.

Rest in peace, dear angel - you will always be loved and missed.

All my love,

Your Mum

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