November 22, 2010

Every Relationships is Sacred

Relationships are, an important reality in life, we are all connected to each other, I believe there is a purpose in all the relationships that we share, we are all born with a reason, and we have a very unique and significant role in this world, we are here to discover and find out what each of us are meant to be doing during our life time here on earth.

In order to discover who we are, and what we are meant to be doing, we are called to live in a community, despite differences in color, caste, religion, gender etc. I am happy in my life, for encountering so many people, who have in many ways helped me find my self to some extent, and I still continue my journey in understanding myself.

Some of the things that have helped me in this process have been:

  • I have learnt to appreciate my life – that is to look at life with gratitude and believe that this will lead to the right place where I am meant to be.

  • I believe I am special, and every person who lives on this earth is special, my job is to explore and discover my specialness.

  • While discovering myself, I am also challenged to resolve issues with persons who are very different from me, while I reflect on what I have learnt because of my association with him/her I can see how that person has helped me grow, and why I was meant to know him/her.

·        This way we will know that every relationship we share in our life is SACRED.

Have a nice day!

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