November 13, 2010

A note of appreciation

Today I want to appreciate a lot of persons in my life, truly they are God's gift to me, and some of their meetings and interactions have been a spiritual experience. For in the past few months, I have been blessed so much.  There was always enough of everything at home.

I never ran short of fruits and snacks as there was someone or the other visiting us, there was enough money to sustain ourselves and for every expenditure incurred, there were friends who came in regularly and helped us in sorting paper work for David, like extension of his leave, information in the office, coordinating with the health scheme, recharging his cell, praying with him, taking him for his visits and regular check ups to hospital and physiotherapy centre, which in turn gave me space to do my work, and also take some sessions in colleges.

Life is full of challenges, and every challenge comes to awaken in us that capacity which otherwise is not used, when I look at myself, and the way I had handled everything in the last 3 months have been amazing.

I would not have been able to handle without the support of family and friends. The world is filled with a lot of goodness and persons who are kind and loving, and I am blessed to encounter them and be a part of their lives. Today I want to appreciate,  acknowledge the presence of these wonderful persons who have touched my life in a new way.

Thanks to all my family members, friends & our colleagues for enabling us to go through this difficult phase. I am overwhelmed with their generosity, and filled with gratitude.

Have a Grateful Day !


  1. Family and friends are real blessing...we often forget to thank the people who support us in our day to day life, who make our life easy...

    nice piece of writing..

    Don't know what u r going through...wish u all luck...Take care

  2. Thanks so much for your comments, it always nice to hear, this was a very difficult phase in my life, when my husband met with an accident and was bed ridden for almost more than 6 months, with my daughter, son, career it was really challenging, I survived it only because of my family and friends, Thanks for your comments !


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