September 1, 2010

Stress Busters in my life

This week I had an opportunity to talk to young college students who are pursuing their degree; the topic given to me was stress management.  I was thinking about this topic for long, and there is so much material available on the internet on this topic, after a deep thinking, I decided to will share my own experiences in management of stress in my life.

So I started preparing for this topic, with the existing situation at home, and so many things to handle, I did find it difficult, but with determination, I decided to take up this session..

While  looking at what was the current situation in my life, my husband is at home with a fractured knee, completely on bed rest, my son Emmanuel has fever due to change in the weather and  requires to be monitored, my sister-in-law has come home in seventh month pregnancy as this is her first delivery, my daughter is having cold and cough  and I have an elderly mother in law who is helping me out to handle the home front, added to all this I have also been able to take up sessions and write my blog.  All this I am able to do because there is a sense of balance in my life.  I am happy that I have learnt very early in life some of the very important lessons for balance in life and prevention of burn out.

Some of the stress busters that helps me are:

I have tremendous faith in God, and I ensure that I spend quiet time in prayer everyday, which makes me feel strong and confident.

Positive Mental Attitude
PMA is something that I have acquired from reading a lot of books, especially Norman Vincent Peale’s .

Being Grateful
I found ways to be grateful – I would list down people whom I should thank, send e cards, sms, even a small little help will trigger in me a very high sense of gratitude, and makes me happy to appreciate people around me, and it also keeps my energy level  high.

I developed the habit of walking, which was a need at one point of time in my life, but I realized the benefits of it, and continued to keep up this habit, and walk when ever I want to – sometimes even stop my bike at any park on my way back home and start walking.

I begin my day with spiritual songs, which are very assuring and comforting, both the times early morning and late evening, to keep me optimistic.

I spend time in meditation. Enjoy this time, which has contributed to large extent stillness in mind and a balance in my life.

Practicing Mind Conditioners
Whenever I am alone, or waiting for something, I use it to practice mind conditioners, either by reciting it in my heart or if there is enough space even write it in a book.

Reading Inspiring books/articles/stories
I take every opportunity that I get to read books, articles, stories that inspire me, challenge and empower me to be passionate in life.

Sharing my true feelings with a friend
I love to be in touch with my friends, especially those with whom I can share my feelings, and with who I can be myself, for me relationships are very important, and I have grown because of them.

Being Kind
Reaching out to someone in kindness, no matter who they are, I try to do one act of kindness in a day.

These are some tips for staying strong and carrying on with gratitude .......

Be Happy!

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