August 30, 2010

You Are A Divine Being

When everything is beautiful,
and things turn out just right,
its easy then to trust in God

But when the crushing failures comes,
the doubts and fears set in,
we feel as though we are all alone
the search for God begins.

Have you ever searched for God,
ever listen to his call,
You’ll not find him in the wind; he wasn’t there at all,
not in wind and not in fire
but in this we can rejoice,
you will end your search for God
when you hear still small voice.

When you feel you are out of touch, with God
and long to know his will
Don’t search for an experience or seek some holy thrill,
Stop looking for a sign from heaven, and lighting in the sky,
in quiet ways he will come to you
to guide you with his eyes.

I remembered this beautiful hymn I used to enjoy singing years ago and now after so many years, once again I find myself singing this song, and the timing is perfect. The last three weeks experiences has brought me to such a state of life that today I have become a full time nurse taking care of my husband and an expert in multi-tasking, it’s been quite a tough job for me to manage home, children and work.

I found difficult to experience God at this time of my life, even though, I know mentally, that God is there and is watching over us all the time. This hymn came as a reminder to me, to tell me that God is with me.

When I stop for a while and look within, relax, and enjoy the company of myself, I can hear the still small voice, saying: Do not fear, I am with you, I have carved your name on the palm of my hand.

Be assured my friend, if the storms of life are gripping you, and you are feeling burdened, know that you are not alone, and your life is connected to the Divine, Believe you are a Divine Being, and You are a Divine expression of life. All is well!

Be happy!

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