August 28, 2010


I am inspired by this poem smile, may you be inspired too, keep smiling !

Whenever you feel weary climbing uphill
And suddenly everything slides downhill
Don’t ever lose hope or ever despair
But go on your path with love and care

Cheer up and smile
As you still have to go miles

Your smile will also strengthen
The resolves of your brethren

With close friends do share your troubles
And watch them all disappear like bubbles

Be content and thank the Lord
As there are people whose lives are worse than stray dogs

Look at the beggar woman on the street
She goes hungry on her two bare feet
Dragging her little one whose barely two
There is one more coming on its way too
What is her goal ? What is her hope?
Her husband has left her on her own to cope

Look at the scholar who aspires for a seat
In engineering or medical but cannot afford the fees
He loses his ambition when he takes up a job
For making ends meet, his dreams are robbed

Look at the girl who wants to make it big
But her parents get her forcibly married to some sloppy pig

Look at the old man who is cheated by his son
He stays in an old age home at the time of the setting sun

Look at them and be thankful
Your path is less thorny, your life more beautiful
Lift up the poor ones who cannot put up a fight
And watch the shadows of life fade into twilight
-Composed by Deepa

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