February 22, 2010

Each day Give something Good to others

Every day is a thanksgiving day for me and every day I ensure that I begin my morning with thanksgiving and also end the day with thanksgiving, as I believe, every day is a gift from above, just looking at the blue sky can be inspiring, watching the clouds move can fill us with awe and wonder, and it fills me with thanksgiving, leading me to do something good to others.

I recall all those moments in my life when people have been good to me, kind to me, affirmed me, appreciated me, shared their meal with me, hugged me and given their shoulders, understood me, and have just been around to comfort me. On account of which I have emerged as a stronger and grateful person.
I owe so much to this world, and so much to people around me, that I want to give back what I have received with generosity. Hence I take every opportunity that comes my way to do something good to others each day of my life.
Once I started doing good, I realized there is so much more to do in life, and I am flooded with opportunities all around me and I find people just waiting to hear a kind word, waiting for a smile, waiting for a meal to share, waiting just to be acknowledged, waiting for an encouraging note, waiting for some one to listen, waiting for a shoulder to cry on, waiting for a hug – the list gets endless.
“To the world you might be one person, but to one person you might be the world.” -Unknown

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