February 23, 2010

Forgive Everyone for Everything

Today, I wanted to let go off people who have harmed me, blamed me for their situation, and have taken advantage of me, I want to take complete responsibility for whatever has happened in my life, for I have begun to realize that this is the only path of liberating oneself, and embrace what is Present. A deliberate choice to live in the Present moment, believing that the past has no control on me.

As long as we cling on to the past, there is no freedom, as the past hurts, mistakes, problems, situations will bind us, and we will get caught in a vicious circle. Freedom happens only when we learn to let go of the past, and welcome the present, for the present is the only reality, says the Buddhist Philosophy. I want to forgive everyone and everything in order to free myself, and travel lighter in this journey of life, for I refuse to give away my power to people, situations and circumstances, in order to empower myself, I take total control of my life.
Don’t blame others for your failure to be fully accountable for your own life.
If others are to blame, then you have given them control.

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