February 19, 2010

Family a Gift

Today I want to be thankful for the Gift of a family. It is so easy to take our family members for granted, since they are always there, and we don’t really feel the need to be in touch with family, sometimes the reasons are very valid, it is our career, children, our commitments, and the list goes on, and it will be never ending, that is why life has a way to teach us the importance of being in touch by creating situations and events, wherein we begin coming together as a family to celebrate, to mourn, to share, to support, and we begin to bond with our near and dear ones all over again.

There have been many moments of celebrations, mourning and sharings in the past year, and one such event was coming together for a thanksgiving service in the family, a decision few of the family members got together and decided to convince the rest of the members. So we began with the thanksgiving prayer in one family, which was later on followed by two more such gatherings in other two families. The experience was beautiful, for it brought us closer to each other as brothers and sisters, even though we miss our parents. It was a beautiful beginning, to come together with our spouses and children, which was a small community.

Each one of us shared 3 things for which we want to be thankful for, our faith experience as to how God was with us in every situation and events that has happened in each of our lives. It was amazing to find how each one of us have journeyed to reach where we are today. I am enriched and feel the strength of the family. We also shared some of the funny and memorable incidents which brought in love and laughter. We have decided to meet together at least once in every year, though we keep meeting each other on an individual basis, but nothing like a family gathering.

One of the most valuable things we can do to heal one another is listen to each other's stories.
-Rebecca Falls

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