May 1, 2009

Maria Dorothy

One year Old
Learning to walk

at the age of two years
While I talk about my son and the struggles I have in bringing him up, I cannot but talk about my daughter who is a blessing in so many ways in my life. I got married at 35 and some of my colleagues told me that it would be difficult for me to conceive, as in the “our culture” it’s overage for marriage. 

Some felt sorry for me, as I had married late, I was happy, somehow I believed there is a time for every person, and for me it was the right time, despite all the comments about my delay in marriage, God was faithful and kind, I conceived after one year of my marriage.

I had gone to a dispensary, and the doctors told me that I needed to be very careful, since I am 35 (quite late according to them to conceive a child) and I have to go through a series of tests to know whether my baby is fine, and whether it is ok to continue my pregnancy.

I heard the doctors, and shared my concern with my very best friend Corinne, who guided to me meet her cousin, who is a doctor and who could be of help.

Hence I met Dr Evita for the first time in my life, I was the last person on appointment, so that she could give me more time – it was an impactful meeting, and I shall never forget what she shared with me.
she saw the doctors report and told me, that these are scientific facts which says that these tests will reveal to me how my baby will develop, whether there are chances of complications, but there is another dimension in life and that is the faith dimension, wherein our belief and trust in God matters, and I chose to I believe in the goodness of God and put all my faith in him to continue this journey for nine months.

She counselled me so well that I took the faith dimension seriously, and continued trusting God, affirming myself and my child every day that both of us are in safe hands, and we are divinely protected, and divinely guided and guarded, and the Lord blessed me with a beautiful daughter weighing 3.42 kgs, and she look like a bundle of joy.

She was the star in my life, me and my husband decided to name her Maria Dorothy – Dorothy means Gift of God.

So she is, now she is 8 years and full of life, she helps me in taking care of my son, and plays her part very well, she carries him around, and is a good company for my son. When I turn back to look at these experiences, I am filled with a sense of gratitude for all that has happened, and I continue my journey to live a life of gratitude.

Be Happy !
G Angela

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