April 30, 2009


Emmanuel my son is a down syndrome child, and he is the most beautiful gift God has given to me, He is full of innocence, love and laughter.

I never thought in my life that I shall meet Emmanuel – when I was just 3 months pregnant, the doctors told me that he is a very small baby, very weak and may not survive for 9 months in my womb, and I may have a natural abortion. 

If by chance he survives, he will be a special child, may not be like the normal children. And I have a choice to make to continue my pregnancy or go for termination.

I was shocked, frightened and for a moment, I was blank, it took me some time to digest, and I cried bitterly sitting in the prayer room of the hospital, arguing with God, why me O Lord, and what do I need to do.

l am not sure what this baby will be like, and how he/she will look, what problems I may have to face …. There were lots of questions in my mind, my husband was a great support to me, and he had deep faith in God, and added to that I had a wonderful doctor to counsel me – Dr Evita Fernandez who I can never forget; she was very kind, gentle and prepared me for the worst.

I was thankful to God for her guidance, because she was a balanced person with strong faith in God, and she accompanied me in my journey for those nine months, and saw my pain, fear and insecurity.

I am lucky to have very good friends who stood by me, comforted me, shared my pain, sorrow and grief and thus I carried on with faith and trust in God, believing that he has plan for me, and plan for this child too, and when ever there is a question in my mind as to why me lord.

I used hear my heart say because I have greater capacity, and God knew my capacity, and that is why Emmanuel has come into my life. As his birth was scheduled in the Christmas week, we chose to name him Emmanuel, my husband being devotee of mother Mary wanted Mario to be added to his name, so he was named as Mario Emmanuel, and when ever we call him Emmanuel, we remind ourselves that God is with us.

Emmanuel is 5 years old now – and has added so much joy in our lives, and he has also been challenging me at every stage of his growth, to go slow in life, as his developments are delayed, I have learnt so much in a short span because of him, I learnt to rely on God more than on my self and my capacity, I have learnt to look at life very closely. I have learnt to live a life of gratitude and I am continuously learning from my son.

Emmanuel has added meaning to my life, every small little thing he does brings a lot of joy for us, I am filled with wonder and awe, he has enriched my relationship with my husband, and he continues to be angel in my family.

Be Happy !
G Angela

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