April 17, 2009

Attitudes are important than facts

One evening I came back tired from the office, after my work, and as I finished my evening tasks of responding to kids, checking in the kitchen to see if there is enough for every one for dinner, and then checking if my son is having fever.

I just sat down with my children spending time and listening to my daughter’s complains about my mother law and generally what she did the whole day etc. suddenly my youngest brother arrived with two children, just to meet us as his daughter and son had a holiday.

Being tired after a whole days work, I was in no frame of mind to serve or to entertain, I was getting irritated that at the end of the day to go back to the kitchen and prepare a meal for them While these thoughts were on in my mind.

I continue to converse with my niece and nephew, as they casually shared with me about their studies, and holiday time, they told me, that it is they who insisted their father to bring them so that they could play with my children being a holiday, and in their conversation, also told me that they walked from their home to reach my place.

I was so shocked, as the distance was quite a long one, the desire to meet us was so strong, that they did not mind walking this long distance, and they forced their father to take them walking when he said he had no money.

For a moment, I just stood still, looking at my brother who is struggling to raise the kids, and my niece and nephew always waiting for holidays to spend outside home, as they were poor and always waited for opportunities for invitation. 

Immediately my attitude changed, and I was moved with love and compassion, to know that these small children have walked for so long – this triggered my mind and heart, and I got into action, quickly I put aside my lethargy and negative thinking and went into the kitchen and prepared a meal for them, all my tiredness vanished.

I felt good within, and also happy that I was able to reach out in kindness. At the end of the meal all three of them came to me, and thanked me for serving them a hot meal. I smiled and in my heart thanked God for giving me an opportunity to serve and also for helping me to change my attitude.

I learnt once more in my life never to criticize or judge anybody, for you never know what kind of situations people come from, and I remembered a good quote I read somewhere. 

"Kindness is the rent that you pay for occupying the space on this earth."

Be Blessed & Be Happy !
G Angela

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