July 16, 2015

Talakona Waterfalls!

Natural water falls@Talakona
One of the most memorable moments of my trip to the Horsley hills was the visit to the Talakona water falls! which is located in Chittoor District of Andhra Pradesh, India with 270 feet (82m) water fall. This is known to be the highest waterfall in the state.

It was a long journey of almost 3 hours to reach this place from Horsley hills; the roads are good and the sight very beautiful filled with greenery all-around. I was fascinated by the mango trees on either side of the road… and it was fun – singing songs and playing dumb charade with children and enjoying ourselves. This whole place is taken care by the forest department hence maintained very well neat and clean… the way to the water fall is not a smooth road; it is a mud road moving upwards at least 2 kms walk from the main road. 

Travelling by a vehicle, we can move another 1 km closer to the water fall. Then we have to walk a mile to reach the water falls. The weather there is very pleasant as it’s a forest untouched. It is beautiful place for all nature lovers – as it is surrounded by trees of all sizes, it is said that there are also some medicinal plants.
The path  moving uphill
It was amusing sight to see monkeys running around the way, and a few sitting on the either side of the path way, eyeing for eatables, a common sight to see was families walking around with peanuts, corn, raw mangoes and banana.  Children holding to the elders fearing the monkeys and some naughty kids throwing the eatables to attract and distract the monkeys.

A few children were amused as well as frightened because the monkeys move around freely and are ready to snatch eatables from anyone who is walking with corn or nuts.
I enjoyed the journey as I kept climbing up to see this water fall; though my daughter and my friend’s daughter were frightened of the monkeys and the sound of the birds. It was an accomplishment for me to reach the water falls area; with a narrow passage treading carefully and moving at a snail’s pace.
lovely trees on the way to the waterfalls

The place was very cool, because of trees and the streams running over, so not very tiring to walk, only when I climbed I could feel the stress and difficulty in walking as the road was leading uphill with few steps to climb and a long path to walk.

I felt the thrill to hear the sound of the waters; and it brought it so much of joy as I stood there with my friend and my daughter holding their hands to see the natural beauty. There were adults, kids, youngsters playing in the water and having fun… I stood and captured everything around me in order to relive as a memorable moment of my life… we took a few pictures, stayed there for a little while and came back to the hotel. 

A view from the cab

The image remained in my heart; and whenever the image returned in my mind; I smiled and said thank you Lord for the beauty that surrounds me; and thanks for this experience ….While I was writing this post, I looked for an appropriate quote for inspiration; and I found the one below;

 “A strong person and a waterfall always channel their own path” unknown quotes

 Be happy &Inspired !


  1. Oh, the monkeys are very smart creatures especially the ones at the touristy places. They are fearless and can bully you too. A friend got slapped nicely by a monkey. Good that you had great time during this outing! :)

  2. Yes Shilpa, you are right and my adolescent daughter too was frightened and she was walking far away from them.. My friends little daughter was crying and refusing to climb, we assured her, holding her hands and slowly helped her to reach the waterfalls... thanks for being here..

  3. Lovely post about the trip to Talakona waterfalls. Thanks for sharing about this place, wonderful place to explore near Chennai. Everyone can explore place during weekend. Planning to travel Chennai, book bus tickets in Vivegam Travels.

    1. Thank you for your comment and appreciate you for stopping by:)


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