January 10, 2019

Tree love—49

Swinging Tree s J

“The essence of all beautiful art, all great art is gratitude” Friedrich Nietzsche

I found these trees beside a small lake which is around 3 kms from where I stay; it’s called the Mini Tank bund as it’s the smaller version of the bigger one in Hyderabad. One day I just felt like taking a long ride on my bike and stopped near this small park.  I found lots of children playing. I stopped my bike and sat here on one of the benches only to find these beautiful trees, swinging in the air. I took my cell phone and quickly clicked a couple of pictures with great admiration for these trees which was placed near a lake.

I felt happy like this tree standing with these long roots hanging carefree, just being what it is meant to be … standing strong, broad, giving so much space in between for the birds and could even see the sky and the water.  To me it appeared a generous and a stylish tree welcoming by expanding itself broadly.

Thursday Tree love
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