July 20, 2015

My Gratitude Post for Today

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·     I have so many things today to be thankful for; especially for the last week I had so much time to do what I had been postponing for over months. The most important task is to clear up the clutter once again, sorting out my clothes and placing it neatly in the shelf, to make my life easy to pick daily what to wear; without having to waste time in searching.

·         To get rid of all those clothes which are torn, gone old and some that doesn’t fit  me and some of it I just don’t wear. What a relief to have my cupboard cleaned.

·    While sorting, I found a couple of sarees with white colour, and a purple border, and another plain white which my mom used to wear to the church and maintained it so well, till she was alive. Now I have it with me and I don’t feel like giving it away, as I feel very sentimental about these two sarees.   
·         I will write a separate post about my memorable moments with my mom.

·         The next most important task I felt accomplished was to sort out my academic certificates, medical reports and a few financial investments I made for my daughter, the receipts, bonds etc which was all in one file… so I took time to separate all these and made separate folders and even wrote down on a sheet of paper.

·  I am also glad to have a new smart phone, thanks to my husband David for his thoughtfulness and generosity for gifting me one.  I appreciate the effort for taking time, for me to a  shop and showing me a variety of phones. I picked up a good one – Sony experia… feel excited with this new gadget, there is so much to learn….. I am feeling grateful and I appreciate David for this gesture
I like this quote  “Gratitude is the antidote for misery”

Be Happy! Be Grateful !



  1. It's so wonderful to get caught up on things that need to get done, isn't it? And congratulations on the new phone - hope you enjoy it!

  2. Thanks Laurel, appreciate you for being here; and yes, its a great feeling to put everything in order. I am excited with this phone and learning, to get comfortable with it... my daughter is the expert and am learning from her.

  3. What wonderful freeing tasks Genevive! Honestly, I know that when I've sorted clutter I feel lighter and brighter and of course it's great to give things away! Or, if in terrible condition to simply get rid of them.
    I love your quotes too! Thank you!

    1. Hi Susan, you feel so relieved when you remove all the clutter that is not required, the vacant space looks so neat and orderly... I have still more to get rid of, taking time to gradually get rid of all clutter. Thanks for being here and its always great to connect with you.

  4. Getting all the pending tasks gives such a lovely feeling of achievement and satisfaction.
    I love de-cluttering the most. It is actually therapeutic. And congratulations for your new phone, enjoy exploring it, Genevive :)

    1. Thanks shilpa and you are so right, when ever I am at home, I am busy sorting endlessly and there is always more to sort.. even yesterday I got rid of something I have not used for over 6 months and am feeling good looking at the empty space, clean and neat. My phone is truly a beautiful gift.. giving me such excitement, afraid of mistakes but daring to use it . ... thanks for being here, and nice to interact with you.


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