July 30, 2015

Gratitude post for July, 2015

I am glad to write this post for the month of July 2015. There are so many things to be grateful for and I turn back in gratitude for the last 6 months of the year. I am happy to be constantly reminded of being grateful every month! Thanks to the Gratitude Circle!
Butter scotch - icecream
July has been a happy and month of celebrations. Happy because of my good health. To be active and healthy is a blessing, even a small little problem like the ear infection can cause tremendous stress – I am glad that this has been treated and am back in action to do everything that I love to do.

YWCA Friends 
I call this month a celebration  because of the privilege, I had and still have to connect back to my old friends. These friends are from my college where I completed my degree with whom I spent hours together chatting, playing, joking and completing my assignments. Now these friends have married, had children and one my friend has also got her daughter married, and the others have grown up children in college and high school. It was great going out with them once again and listening to one another’s experiences of life in the last 30 years.
At a theatre closer to my house
July month was also a time wherein I gave a little more attention to my blog; I participated in the 3 day quote challenge nominated by shilpa at http://shilpaagarg.com which was inspiring to look for the best quotes and carry forward nominating another 3 persons.

I am happy to participate in the 5 photo 5 post challenge nominated by Susan Scott @ http://gardenofedenblog.blogspot.inwherein I posted for 5 consecutive days and passed on the nominations to those whom I could. The best part of this challenge is the person whom you are nominating is free to take it or leave, so there was no stress and pressure on anyone who wants to take on this challenge.

I am glad to have even responded to Laurel’s post on weekly gratitude at http://www.alphabetsalad.com for adding for gratitude list for a couple of weeks on almost two or three Mondays. I felt positive to have given more time for my blog and blog posting. I am motivated further to give as much time as possible to not only write but also visit and interact with a few more blogger friends.

Another reason for July being a celebration month was we celebrated my sister in laws birthday at my place.  The reason being, it’s only a 3 month since her husband passed away and she is in grief, so I and David decided that we invite her home with her 2year old daughter and have a simple celebration to cheer her up.
10 Downing Street -Hyderabad
The celebrations did not stop there as once again I went out with a different group of friends wherein we are working together for a cause, and we felt it’s time we also had some time for ourselves together and for the first time in my life I went to a pub with my friends.  

I only heard of pubs and seen them in the movies..... I am glad for this experience as I looked around to see a lot of youngsters in this pub enjoying the loud music and a few of them taking substances, which revealed the current scenario of our youngsters in the city. I felt working with young people it’s important for me to understand and see how and where they spend their time.

Maria clicked this in front of our house

Maria's special Dish
I am also grateful and happy to see my daughter progress; she loves photography and takes beautiful pictures whenever she is inspired.  I admire the way she captures an image. I am happy that I could go out with my daughter for a Hindi movie, which was very entertaining.

My gratitude is also for David my husband who makes sure that every Sunday we are treated with a different kind of Chicken curry. Today he added spinach to the chicken and presented a new dish for me and my daughter.  I ate my lunch with gratitude thinking of all the effort he has put in to make this curry a delicious one.

Despite the internet issues and power cuts I am able to post this today; and am feeling grateful that everything is fine and all is well in my life!

Be Blessed & Be Happy!appyHappy


  1. So happy you've been adding your lovely gratitude posts to the linkup each week. Very inspirational - thank you! :)

    1. Thanks Laurel for being here; I am so glad, and want to appreciate you for sending me your list of gratitude, which inspires me to write my own.

  2. May the month of August be equally rewarding and happy for you

    1. Thanks for being here, and I also wish you happy experiences in the coming months !!

    2. I appreciate your comment and thanks for your kind words...

  3. That seems like a great month you had..Hope your August turns out just as well :)

  4. Thanks friend I am glad all is well and I hope and wish happy experiences for you in the coming months !

  5. It sounds like you had a wonderful month - reuniting with old friends as well as experiencing something new for the first time.

  6. Yes I did and I enjoy spending time with friends, it makes me happy and energetic, I am glad to have found good friends.. thanks for being here, I appreciate you !

  7. It's fab that you had a wonderful July! I loved the 3 day quote challenge and 5 days 5 photo challenge. Thanks for nominating me for the latter, I enjoyed writing for it!

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  9. Thanks Shilpa ! today its Shilpa's day for me and I am glad to stay in touch...my inbox was shining with your name, and comments raining... am loving it .. thanks for being kind..


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