July 27, 2015

5 Photos 5 days Challenge – Day5

Today is the fifth day of this challenge, for which Susan Scott has nominated me to take part in the 5 day 5 photo challenge from http://www.gardenofedenblog.com. Thanks Susan once again.

I am glad to be at my counseling centre, the place is calm and very cool.  I came to the centre this morning with gratitude; completing all the household task at home- waking up my daughter, helping her with breakfast, packing her lunch and dropping her till the bus stop, and bidding her goodbye to school in the early hours.
A view from my window from the counseling centre
I came back home spent some time with myself doing some yogic stretches followed by some deep breathing exercises and the last 15 minutes in prayer and meditation, being grateful to God for the brand New day, affirming and thanking the Lord for the breath, and every part of my body that is functioning perfectly well, and closing with sending vibrations of love, peace and harmony to everyone around me, and especially for those who I find difficult to forgive. By then I am energized and active to resume to continue the rest of my work at home.

Then I got busy with putting the house in order, packing my Tiffin and serving breakfast to myself and David, and then we are off to work. I was singing with gratitude as I rode to my office amidst a lot of traffic and reached the campus safely.

View from my office window

Once at office  I check if there are any emails for me, I found a few messages from my friends on whatsapp..  . While I was responding to them, I got a call from one of my students, asking me whether they can come for counseling. I agreed and told them I am in the centre; within 15 minutes I had a student, who had come earlier with issues related to fear, anxiety and negative thinking. 

I had helped the person, and recommended that she comes regularly to get of this sorted out. Now for the last 3- 4 months I have not heard from her, and today suddenly she felt that she should visit us with the same problem reoccurring. So I sat listening to her for an hour and half and later got back to do some write up in completing the 5thday for the 5photo 5 day challenge..

Another beautiful view from my window
I am thankful for the weekend that has gone by, feeling refreshed, relaxed to continue my routine, no stress at all, I move around my place; sometimes I  love standing near my window looking at the trees; the cool breeze touching my cheeks and playing with my hair. Today I forgot to get my reading glasses; I am trying my best to complete this post.
clicked by my daughter Maria when she visited my office
I am grateful for the privilege to be in a helping profession.. .. I keep myself busy when there are no students for counseling. I follow up with other students who take medical support from the doctors and visit the centre for support counseling. I write down and fill up the progress note of the students for filing and follow up.  
Thanks to Google for this image
I take calls both on the intercom as well as my cell phone, some students just would like to chat a little to feel better, and some others keep me informed about their  visits to the doctors and how they feel, and still some students make it to visit the centre, even if there are no issues, just to stay in touch. I am happy to complete this challenge,.

Today I would like to nominate Cynthia Rodrigues who writes at http://cynthology.blogspot.in. Cynthia is a mother of two and writes beautifully her experiences in parenting, also a short story writer, and is an inspiring person.

 The rules are simple:
·         Post photo each day for 5 consecutive days
·         Attach a story to the photo.  It can be fiction, non-fiction, poetry, a paragraph – all entirely up to you
·         Nominate another blogger to carry on the challenge. Your nominee is free to accept or decline the invitation! This is fun, not a command performance!
A quote for inspiration:

“Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgiving, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings”. William Arthur Ward

Thank you for reading… .. I would love to hear from you…..

Be Happy!


  1. I really admire and appreciate the good work you are doing in guiding, inspiring and transforming young lives! And you inspire me too! ♥

    1. Thanks shilpa, its a pleasure for me and I derive meaning and satisfaction in doing what I love to do.. thanks for your kind words..

  2. Such beautiful photos Genevive accompanied by beautiful words, thank you! I felt uplifted reading them! Keep up the good work, those students are lucky to have you and obviously appreciate everything about you! (you did well without your glasses - I would not have managed!) :)

    1. Yes Susan ! I love my workplace, as it is surrounded by trees and fresh breeze always.. I am glad to be of help to the students.. and I also learn so much from them. I feel blessed for the trust they place in the centre and me and I hold everything that they share as sacred. I felt like a winner to accomplish this post without my glasses... its so important to have the reading glass..


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