July 25, 2019

#WATWB - Man of the Millennium – Palam Kalyanasundaram)

I was reading about a 76 year old man from Tamil nadu, India has been awarded a sum of 30 crores as a part of his contributions towards the benefit of orphans by an American Organization; however he gave that money for the charity. . It is said that he is the first person in the world to have donated his entire salary to the poor and those in need.  He was recognized by the Rotary Club of India. He is one of the top librarian who as one the award from the Union Government.

What is very interesting about Palm Kalyanasundaram is his generosity and kindness; working as Librarian for 30 years and living on 2 meals per day, has worked in other capacities as a waiter in Hotel and he was adopted as a father by a very popular film star from the south Mr RajniKanth. It is said that he is highly educated – a gold medalist in Library Science and has Masters Degree in History and Literature.

I salute this person who used to donate his salary to the orphans, never married in order to serve and continues to donate even his pension to the poor… it is written that he has donated everything for the upliftment of the poor including ancestral property, assets  and jewelry.

Kalyanasundaram is a great example and role in today’s world that defines success as having accumulated lot of wealth and living life king-size; the message is clear and simple, true satisfaction and fulfillment in life comes in being kind to everyone and to reach out selflessly to those who need us. 

Palam Kalyanasundaram shines as a bright light amidst darkness in a world where people are busy accumulating wealth, using power to control and influence in expanding their own businesses and amassing& hoarding wealth for their own kith and kin. We need a lot more persons like him to be selfless and dedicated to respond to the time and need.

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May this post inspire us to spread light in darkness!!


  1. Thank you for sharing the story of this kind and unassuming man, Genevive. It is great for our WATWB. May some of these children's lives be transformed by his practical kindness.

    1. Thank you for connecting with me here and sharing your thoughts. I appreciate your kind words.


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