July 27, 2019

Gratitude Post for July 2019

July came in with a smile as I started putting down in the diary all those reasons I want to be grateful for (for I was late for the June’s post). Here’s my gratitude list for this month.

I am grateful for the mangoes I purchased as the season gets over- we had plenty of mangoes in the market and the road side too.  It was easy for me to pick it up on my way  home and also some days bring it to the office.

I am grateful for the smooth functioning our counseling centre despite the fact that I had been busy with my PhD work. I am glad my computers worked and I could continue with my routine work.

I was happy to stay in touch with some of our students who were going through some very severe personal crisis; and also attend a couple of meetings at the YWCAof secunderabad.

I am happy that I could reconnect with myself reading up a lot of Academic literature and even watch videos related to research methodologies to do some serious work. Happy and grateful for all the Professors and classmates who are cheering up and encouraging towards this  pursuit.

This month I am glad to make time to visit my brothers place and spend some time with the kids; Dorothy enjoys playing with them as they all belong to the same school, though Dorothy has passed out of the school she keeps enquiring about her school and her juniors.

Glad that Dorothy is enjoying College, comes up with assignments/projects and in the process we end up discussing and learning together.

I am grateful for having attended a Continuing Education programme on Psycho dynamic Psychotherapy at Hyderabad Academy of Psychology organized by Dr Diana Monteiro – it was a refreshing experience to learn how Psycho analytical principles still have a place in Counseling; and this programme is an opportunity to meet the other counselors working in the same city.

We have been looking for a smaller house on rent for my sister in law, as she does not require a big house only for herself and her seven year old daughter.. We took a bigger house in order to accommodate my mother in law, as she needed to move around. Now that my mother in law is no more we don’t need this house, its almost been 3 months we couldn’t find the house, I am glad that this month we could find a house which is closer to our place and it’s a central place for everything.

This month one of my friends’ father has been diagnosed with liver cancer; and was recommended for a treatment. It was a tough challenge for my friend to deal with all the challenges that goes with the treatment. I am glad that I and our common friends could visit one evening and interact with him. Our prayers for him to be able to cope with whatever be the situation.

I am also glad that we could make some time for family prayer every day – and spend quiet time whenever possible at home; with each of us working in different fields and having commitments it’s a challenge to be consistent in our habits.

July was also a special evening at the #YWCAofSecunderabad wherein members from the southern states invited for a Spicy Southy evening to share the  cultural and traditional style of everything including the greetings, regional songs, dance and fellowship meal. I had a great time and it was refreshing to just chill with women who have similar goals of empowering girls and other women. 

I am happy and grateful for the person who serviced my bike; it’s been almost 6 months that I have been riding the bike  and not serviced it…I appreciate the mechanic  who normally does it for me.. it feels good to ride…

Glad that I could take some time to pedicure and just a cleanup at my favorite parlor – giving myself 2 hours of just being and doing nothing, giving attention to the physical body and refreshing myself, a sense of renewal  to  recharge oneself constantly J part of loving self.

Few surprises of the month: I got a pretty jewelry set, I was impressed with this set – the thought that this person (Susan James)who took time, energy and money to pick up this jewelry.
A surprise that makes me happy:) 
This month I could also get on the tread mill a few times hopefully I am trying for continuity….managing self is an art and needs a lot of discipline to be able to do everything you want to and desire to sustain yourself  J

Happy to connect with my college mate Indu over a cup of coffee and some roasted nuts… it’s always a pleasure to catch up with friends…once in a while and spend little time updating, laughing and encouraging one another.  

This month I glad for the opportunity to lead a group of 40 participants for a session on gratitude and guided meditation. An interactive session, enlightening one wherein sharing and learning happened.

I went for a check up to know status of blood sugar; and also a lipid profile – grateful to know that my tests are fine and within the normal range.

I feel so blessed and happy for my daughter who motivated me to watch a movie The Lion King in English. And a Telugu movie O Baby which is a different kind of movie but quite entertaining.

I keep listening to inspiring videos regularly of Joel Osteen – a messenger of hope; He's talks are very motivating and energizing.  I also listen to our Sadhguru interviews and enjoy the way he speaks, very scientific, logical and has answers for every question.

I am touched by a gesture of kindness from two of our campus students; one evening my bike wouldn’t start, I was stranded near the department, struggling to start my bike.I found two students who saw me and immediately came to my help, grateful for these persons who were ready to help a stranger.

At the end of the month – gratitude for everything, my basic necessities being met; ability to work, enjoy good health of mind and body, privilege to continue education, being independent and continues to enjoy small joys in life.

Thank you for reading my post; appreciate your time, would love to hear from you.

Be Blessed & Be Happy !


  1. so many things in your plate as always. Wish you happy and healthy month ahead.

    1. Thank you shilpa:) so kind of you to connect with me here, appreciate you and yes wish you too a great month ahead.

  2. That made me smile.So much to be grateful for you made the moments count, Angela. Kindness comes back so all the good that comes to you is because you shower people with kindness. Hugs and love.
    Wishing you happiness all around August.

    1. Oh my Parul:) you made my day by your comments. Thanks for your generous affirmations, it makes a huge difference. Thank you and wishing you God's blessings in abundance for everything you are involved with.


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