June 13, 2019

Tree love—58

 “Good Tree makes good fruit” Italian proverb

I spotted this tree during my recent trip to Mumbai. I was glad to visit Mount Mary Church at Bandra and in the compound of the church. I found this huge jackfruit tree. I was amazed looking up at this tree, which was green, healthy looking and filled with jackfruits.  I read that Jackfruit is a miracle food for the elderly as it helps to increase bone density.

There is plenty of information available with regard to benefits of this fruit. The tree is producing this fruit living its purpose of offering its fruit for the benefit of people.  It’s a reminder for us to what are we offering in our lives for the benefit of the people.

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  1. I had not heard of that property of jackfruit. As a senior on the edge of osteoporosis, that would so wonderful. We can't buy it fresh where I live in the Northeast United States, at least as far as I know, although I am told it is available dried. I wonder if the dried has that property.

    1. I did not know too about the healing properties of this fruit. I just came across articles that shows the benefits of this fruit. I am not sure whether dried one will be of help. Thanks for connecting with me, appreciate you.

  2. Lovely tree! The fruits are so heavy and I am amazed how the tree can bear the weight of so many of them!!

    1. Absolutely :) to be honest I was never attracted to this fruit with its huge weight and so always ignored when they sold... after reading the benefits I feel like buying the fruits alone.. thanks for being here.

  3. I love Jacfruit trees. They remind me on my Nani's house and our trips to her place when we were growing up. Jackfruit was used as a curry and in pickles. Now in Bangalore, people love it as a fruit. I was not aware of the medicinal properties but I would still keep having jackfruit as I do :)
    Thanks for linking up, Angela. Always good to see you around.


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