June 14, 2019

#WATWB – Aabid Surti- Water Warrior

I am late in submitting this post, supposed to post in May 2019. Due to travel and other commitments I am delayed, nevertheless I do not want to give up posting here. Thanks for reading in advance.

Aabid Surti – the man who goes around with a plumber repairing the leaking taps. According to him he says he had a difficult childhood and grew up on the pavement of Mumbai, saw his mother rise as early as 4 a.m to stand in the que to fetch a bucket of water. He says he has seen people fighting for water, and these memories of child has enabled him to take up such a initiative and whenever he sees a tap leaking he has offered help to get that done.

He shares his experiences of moving around in the neighborhood to find any taps leaking in any apartments and checking with them whether there’s any water leakage; he also has books 80 books to his credit as an author. He is the founder of an organization called Drop Dead Foundation with a tag line that says “save every drop, or drop dead”.

He talks about his challenges as he visits the houses; in order to help women feel comfortable he recruited female volunteers to help to in visiting people’s homes free of cost. The faith and trust he had in the almighty helped him deal with all the issues and humiliations he faced. He is also won the Hindi literature award which came with the prize money.  It is said that over the years he has helped save millions of water and the message of conserving water seems to inspire many to join hands and take responsibility to motivate, create awareness among people in neighborhood.

I am impressed with this person and feel happy to write a post and share his success story so that we too in small ways can make a difference and brighten up the world. You can read the links  for further information.

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May this post inspire us to spread light in darkness!!


  1. What a wonderful man Genevive - each drop of water counts! A message SO worth while spreading. xx

    1. Thanks Susan, water crisis every where and its time that something is done, I loved reading about Aabid who takes time to ensure that water is not wasted.


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