April 3, 2019

#April Challenge A –Z Blog Challenge 2019 - D

“New Beginnings are always disguised as painful endings” Lao Tzu

This year I chose to take Nature as my theme wherein I will post some pictures of nature and write a few lines on what’s my thought process.

PC Maria Dorothy
DEATH – Just last week there was a death in my family, my mother in law Mrs Maggie who was bedridden for two and half years finally bid good bye to the family in a peaceful manner. There‘s been sadness and sense of deep loss at the same time, there’s gratitude for all that she has done to the family. 

She raised up children single handedly when her husband left her; and its not easy to be a single mother, but she did her best to make sure her children are settled in life and are able to make a living on their own.  

None of us can escape death – as we continue to grieve it’s important to gently close the door of our past and gradually open the door to the present; take a deep breath, Smile to move forward to begin a new chapter of our lives. 

What are your thoughts ?? would love to hear from you :)

Wishing you Peace !!


  1. So sorry for your loss, Genevive. May your mother-in-law rest in peace. The picture complements the poignancy of this post!

  2. That photo is so beautiful Genevive and it a wonderful reminder of the transience of life. May Mrs Maggie rest in peace and my deep condolences of her death ..

    1. Thank you Susan and nice to know that this picture reminded transience of life. Appreciate your comforting words.


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