April 4, 2019

#April Challenge A –Z Blog Challenge 2019 -E

“The whole point of being alive is to Evolve into the complete person you were intended to be” Oprah Winfrey

This year I wanted to join in for the challenge focusing on the Nature and Outdoor- I have always admired nature and loved being surrounded with beautiful trees, small lakes, blue sky, rushing water falls and anything related to nature.

I love the word “EVOLVE” as for me  it speak about the journey each of us take right from the day one we are born, gradually taking one step at a time from childhood to adulthood – experiencing life that’s unique to oneself and making the desired changes, learning and growing removing those masks that is no longer required as we walk towards our authentic self. 

Moving away from all those kind of relationships, situations and circumstances that do not help us grow mentally, spiritually and emotionally. As the great author says “Spiritual evolution is part of every soul’s destiny on earth, and each soul grows and evolves at a different rate. You are right where you need to be.” James Van Praag

Thanks for being here, appreciate your thoughts - I would love to hear from you,

Be Blessed & Be Happy !


  1. perfect words and use of E Genevive thank you - we're always evolving, and I like that the word contains the letters for 'loving'. The quotes are lovely too :)

  2. Thank you Susan, glad to know that you found Evolve a perfect word, yes its letters indicate loving too.. I am unable to access your blog.. will keep trying some technical issues..


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