April 13, 2019

#April Challenge A –Z Blog Challenge 2019 – L

In the process of LETTING GO, you will lose many things from the past, but you will find yourself.” Deepak Chopra

This year my focus is on the Nature and I am posting pictures of nature and writing thoughts that inspire me. The words that are on my mind for this letter L is light, laughter, life, look, listen and love and most important word that strikes me is “Letting Go”

Bop Hill shillong: PC Maria Dorothy
All of us sometime or the other experience painful situations that could rise as mixed emotions, blocking us to enjoy life in fullness. . These emotions make us repeat these experiences again and again thus getting stuck in a cycle of looking at the past with regret, guilt, anger or sadness.

Simple way to Let Go:

Light a candle in silence …

Focus on the single flame and concentrate on your inner most thoughts

Permit yourself to feel regret, anger, guilt, pain…

Breathe slowly and consciously while thinking of the event, person, situation...

Forgive and let go… its not worth journeying in life with heavy baggage

Relax Let go of whatever is worrying you…

Be grateful for the Lessons.

May you be at Peace !!


  1. This is so wonderful Genevive thank you - here you have a waterfall just letting go and being free.

    1. Thanks Susan:) when i saw this image I felt what your wrote.. letting go and being free are the apt words.

  2. I love this pointer of "Permit yourself to feel regret, anger, guilt, pain…", I think is one of the best way to let go of negative unwanted feelings. Thanks for the reminder, Genevive!

    1. Glad you love the pointer of permission - I have personally realised how often we don't permit ourselves to feel these unwanted negative emotions, which are also part of us...by not permitting it becomes a challenge for us to be authentic.


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