April 12, 2019

#April Challenge A –Z Blog Challenge 2019 – K

This year my focus is on the Nature and I am posting pictures of nature and writing thoughts that inspire me.
The most important thing in life is not what you do,
But who you have become

The words that came to my mind for this alphabet was Kind, Kindness, Kinesthetic, Kaleidoscope and finally KAIROS.

The word Kairos is a Greek word that says as the “right time” or the opportune moment “to do or say something.  In the Catholic Church the term is used often. This word has its root from the bible wherein it is used as “Gods time” and the fullness Time” meaning that there’s a divine intervention at appropriate times of life…

Welcome here:)
I liked Kairos as it brought me memories of the past: the travels that I made to attend religious retreats and one of them was also Kairos J. I enjoyed every experience of listening to varied preachers, and experiences of other youngsters who shared about their experiences of God. It impacted me greatly and enhanced my poor self concept.  First time I began to believe that I am loved, accepted and forgiven despite who I am. My life changed and I found friends who enabled me into a journey understanding myself and constantly seeking to improve in move and grow into the person I am meant to be. 

I interpret those moments as the Kairos moments of my life wherein I found solace, help and meaning in life.  I am still continuing to seek as I am yet to find the unique version of myself.
Glad to be part of this A-Z posting – as its truly a challenge to post nonstop continuously for 26 days. I returned from my duty almost midnight and tried to get things in order at home, work and managed to do this post by noon.

Thanks for reading my post ; appreciate you for your time and would love to hear your comments.

Be Blessed & Be Happy !


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    1. Thanks to you and appreciate your presence here:)

  2. Kairos - such a beautiful word, loaded with meaning. Thank you for this Genevive. All the other K words are lovely too ..

    1. So happy that you liked this word and found it meaningful. Appreciate your comment.

  3. I wanst aware of the word Kairos and its meaning. It's so beautiful and meaningful. Thanks for sharing it, Genevive.

    1. I am glad you found the word Kairos beautiful and meaningful shilpa, appreciate you for connecting with me here. Thank you.


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