April 18, 2019

#A-Z April Challenge 2019 -P

This year my focus is on the Nature and I am posting pictures of nature and writing thoughts that inspire me.
“Do not be afraid to choose your own Path”
The word I chose for P is Path– the reason being my experiences of meeting students at the counseling centre; almost every now and then I come across students who have issues dealing with negative thoughts, and I feel that it is not something that has recently developed in their minds. 
PC Maria Dorothy@ Sattal- India
It has taken time in their lives wherein certain situations and circumstances have enabled them to choose Path that led their mind to think, feel and act in certain ways.

So in the computer language their minds have been programmed to be working in a particular fashion which is creating Problems for them and these Problems are now interfering in their day to day lives. Hence what is required now is Re- Programming/ De conditioning of their minds. 

Which can easily be done in counseling in order that they are able to make the right choices and Choose Path that leads them not only towards academic success but also to self discovery.

Thank you for reading this post; appreciate you and would love to hear your thoughts.

Be Blessed & Be Happy J


  1. It's wonderful that a skilled counsellor can help them greatly and this is such a gift to them. New possibilities! Thanks Genevive!

  2. Yes Susan I am glad to be there, its fulfilling work that gives me happiness, at the end of the day, I feel accomplished. Thanks for your affirmation.

  3. You are doing a fab job at helping students find their path or come back on the path in case they are lost!! Proud of you!!

    1. Thank you shilpa - feels so good to be affirmed, appreciate you for your constant dose of inspiration and affirmation.


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