March 28, 2019

#WATWB -Dr Abhijit Sonawane

I came across a very interesting video on whatsapp which was a forward – the video was about a doctor by name Abhijit who has taken an initiative to reach out to those who are making a living by begging on the street, near the temples, mosques and churches.

While the general attitude towards beggars is just out of pity we give them a coin or sometimes we may give them something to eat – but this doctor walked an extra mile by meeting them personally, Providing them medical aid, talking to them, helping them identify their capacities and to leading them to become Entrepreneurs.

Every week from Monday to Saturday Dr Abhijit from morning 10 a.m o 3 pm he finds the elderly people abandoned by their families who are on the road side found at various places, sometimes at foot path, religious shrines, temples, mosques and gurudwara, stops by and does a free medical checkup giving them free medicines and thus making them Entrepreneurs.

In a world where everyone is busy making their living and saving up for future generations and competing with once another on accumulating the latest gadgets – here is a gentleman with so much passion and compassion to reach out to  the ones who are neglected, and sidelined by families sometimes due to their own issues in life. I am glad to hear about Dr Abhijit and appreciate him for being an inspiration to all those around him.

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  1. Dr Abhijit fills my heart with admiration Genevive - a man with passion and compassion as you say. Thank you for this lovely #WATWB post :)

    1. Thank you Susan for your lovely comment, agree with everything you have expressed.

  2. Hi Genevive - Dr Abhijit is an absolute star ... he's amazing and what a difference he must make to so many lives - their lives, that tiny location ... but yes some will see the world differently and pull together to change others' lives. Extraordinary to read about him ... he's not wasting his talent, nor his studies/qualification ... thank you so much for this - cheers Hilary

    1. Thanks Hillary and you are absolutely right, its not easy to leave your comfort zone of your workplace and move around reaching out to the poor and downtrodden, especially when you don't get anything in return.. one needs courage and commitment to get involved in such work. Appreciate you for being here. Thanks again:)


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