September 28, 2018

Gratitude for September 2018

“Gratitude takes nothing for granted, is never unresponsive, is constantly awakening to new wonder” Thomas Merton
September is generally a happy month brought my daughter into my life; adding joy and memories of the last 17 years of her life, it’s been so long and we can’t believe J that we have a teenage daughter…. Time just flies, the little baby that we held in our arms have outgrown and has moved into college, evolving herself as a separate identity. 

Myself and David were busy in helping her purchase whatever she wanted for her birthday, and this year she preferred to celebrate with her friends in college and in the evening we cut a small cake… her school friends were there and we were happy that she made her own arrangements about how she wanted to spend the day. My friends came over to be with us in the evening hours and it was fun to be surrounded by them, as they wanted to surprise my daughter.

This month is filled with celebrations, we had my nephews daughter Tabitha celebrating her 6th birthday and David’s niece celebrating her 6th birthday. Below Maria Dorothy Celebrated 17th Birthday this 7th September  2018.
This month was Teacher’s day – I recalled all the teachers of my life from school, college to the university and every person who has mentored me and empowered me with gratitude sending them love and prayers.. I also attended the parent teacher meeting at my daughter’s college and felt good for the efforts every teacher is making to help the students.

This month we also have the international day on suicide prevention, with the theme “Working Together” and being a member of the #YWCAofsecunderabad- we planned a suicide prevention walk with the school children, and there were almost 1000 children attending this walk, with dignatories affirming and motivating the children to say NO to suicide and YES to life.
School children with Placards#ywcaofsecunderabad

St Francis Junior college at #ywcaofsecunderabad
The second such programme was organized at the JalaVihar, Necklace Road Hyderabad organized by the Hyderabad Psychiatric society, a 2 k run with all the medical professionals from various private and government hospitals, PG Students & NGO’s were present for the walk- I and my daughter participated in this 2k run.

The 10th September, 2018 I got the opportunity to speak live on Rainbow FM –All India Radio on Suicide Prevention, the Symptoms, causes, consequences and our response in rescuing the persons who are vulnerable, and how each of us can make a difference by linking them to counseling and medical help as required.
My friend Aparna’s daughter Arushi celebrated her 12th birthday for a week beginning from her school, playmates and then with her mom’s friends. There was a get together with our common friends and it was fun with friends and good food.
This month we as a family also went out to the shrine, which is a yearly event to take blessings from the divine. My in-laws are devoted to mother Mary and so it also a time of family prayer and some alms giving and poor feeding, which has been traditionally followed by David.  This month there were some good breaks continuously for two weeks – holidays for Vinayaka chaturthi and Moharram wherein I could rest a little, sort out my cup board and put things in order. Still the process is on and whenever I am finding time, trying to clear up the clutter, encouraging Dorothy and David also to do the same.

This month I began reading Paul Coelho’s book Brida … very interesting book hoping to complete this book. My phone stopped working in between J and I realized how dependent I have become on my cell phone J could not do any work it was difficult to manage those two days and thankfully I made a quick decision to buy a new one, so I have a Samsung J8 now with me.. and still learning to utilize properly. My concern was that my number is one of the numbers for emergency help for suicide prevention at the campus and I couldn’t keep myself away from the phone.  I am thankful for my nephew Sam who gave some time to look at the variety of phones, and compare rates and within a budget could help me get one for myself.

I am also happy to get connected with one of my classmate cum friend in Malaysia through my nephew Sunny.  It’s always a pleasure to get connected any time with close friends and carry on the conversation no matter when we have last met them in our lives.
A Thoughtful gesture bringing smiles:)
I recall one of my campus student who visited my centre on courtesy J just to thank me and tell me that he has not forgotten me and as a token of appreciation he picked up the oranges from their own field at his village, I am so touched by this gesture and felt so happy for the simplicity and gratitude he showed.
Surprise gift from the heart:) touches my heart
I am grateful for my daughter who taught me how to create my Instagram account J and like a obedient student I am allowing her to tutor me… we learn so much when we listen and allow ourselves to be led by the young ones… am glad that I learnt and am still learning…

My mother in law is improving and stable now with David giving himself of not only his time but also meeting all the requirements as and when needed.  This month David traveled to Bangalore on official trip and also visited his favorite Infant Jesus shrine – praying for all the family members and those who requested him to offer mass and pray for them.

I am happy to get back to the same college where I completed my intermediate and give a session to the Ist year students on Substance Abuse, it was an orientation programme to sensitize students to stay away from Substances.

Students of St Francis Junior College Ist years
He continues his prayer meetings every fourth Sunday of the month, wherein people come to spend time in praying and fellowship meal.  The Doctor is available every Sunday at the parish clinic for two hours and David coordinates the health service.

Dorothy is happy to learn the instrument and plays the key board-regularly practicing the hymns with David and her friends, one of her friend learns the guitar and they are happy singing with the guidance of a master and continue to learn with commitment.

This month there was the regular Annual General Body Meeting at the #Ywcaofsecunderabad wherein the board changes – this year I am part of the board and President for this Organisation that empowers girls and women towards growth. 
Mothers with their daughters at the #YWCAofsecunderabad.
I take this as an opportunity to serve and give my best in doing all that I can to bring changes in the lives of girls and women. On this occasion we had a candle light ceremony, wherein all the members who are women take an oath to shine brightly as lights in carrying forward the vision that began years ago spread out in 120 countries and working in 20,000 local communities. It was a time to renew ourselves and refocus our commitment in spreading light and joining the other women the world together for a transformational leadership.

Member's commitment to let their lights shine....
This month I continue to post on both the Thursdays and am constantly looking out for trees to click and post for Tree love:
I managed to write a post on Suicide Prevention

Also a post to identify the positive stories and bring some light in darkness..

This month I have been listening to Sadhguru vasudev’s videos which came as a forward and it was very inspiring, grateful for all the inspirational video’ and write ups that keeps me enthusiastic about life and also helps me stay positive. Over all I am glad that September kept me on my toes and gave a sense of satisfaction. I am happy to be healthy, working and giving my best. How was your September ? I would be glad to hear from you, wishing you a lovely October 2018.

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Be happy & Blessed !


  1. Your post is full of positive and happy vibes. There is so much in your post that made me smile. Your work, Dorothy's birthday celebrations, cakes and all that work you have been doing.. You are inspiring, Angela and I am so glad to know you. Hugs and wishing you a fabulous October.

    1. Thanks Parul:)for the compliments. I am happy to connect with you here and yes I do enjoy your post, hope you had a lovely September too.

  2. Sounds like a fulfilling month...birthdays are always good :) Glad to know your MIL is improving too. Love the concept of the YWCA and all that it stands for. Hope October is just as wonderful for you.

    1. Thank you Sanch - Happy to find you here, appreciate your kind words. YWCA of Secunderabad is the place I Volunteer my time when I am away from the campus, it give me something another perspective to look at issues related to girls and women and respond in whatever small ways possible. wishing you a great month ahead.

  3. wow, you had a great SEptember.All the best for october

    1. Thanks to you and wishing you a great month ahead too...

  4. So many stuff each month!! I wonder how could you manage so many events each month! Great energy Angela!! Continue to do same and i wish you more and more energy and happy healthy life.

    1. Thanks Shilpa:) yes there were so much to accomplish - I am glad I am able to do this because I enjoy being involved and this involvement boost my energy, hope you had a great month.

  5. Hi Angela! September has really kept you on your toes!
    When someone comes and tells you they didn't forget you and give you something back, they are really sweet, isn't it? It makes you feel really thankful. I could feel the positive energy there!
    Happy birthday to your girl. Birthdays are always fun!

    Wishing you a great October with lots of such grateful moments! :)

    1. Thanks Lakshmi:) its truly overwhelming when a student expresses gratitude in a simplest and authentic way, it matters a lot coz its coming straight from the heart. Thanks for the wishes to my girl, she loves affirmations, who doesn't:) thank you for connecting with me here, and appreciate you for stopping by.


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