July 27, 2018

WATWB#Agasthiyar Annadhanam

This is an interesting story of a lay man who was moved by seeing the condition of poor people at a Government Hospital, Puthur, Trichirappali and wanted to do something to help them. So he began serving the patients by providing hot water every day; the patients started waiting on eagerly for his arrival daily, and within a short time he was serving them simple food, and with the help of his friends and volunteers started helping the poor patients and their relatives.
The poor who come here for treatment had to wait for a long time, and have to maintain themselves; Mr V Govindaraj couldn’t bear to see the patients struggling, felt unhappy after seeing the poor condition of the patients. He started self service with the help of his friends and volunteers, who seeing his service for the needy started contributing money and even made some special food for occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and other family occasions.
Agasthiyar annadhanam is a volunteer based nonprofit organization that is now reaching out to the poor by collecting used clothes from people to provide the needy and purchases coconut oil, bathing and washing soaps etc and is extending its services to other service homes.
One dedicated volunteer goes on regularly to the hospital interior visiting the  poor people on daily basis and informs them about the annadhanam vehicle timings so that they come at theat particular time and collects food; this service is going on for 24 years at Government hospital Trichy, Tamilnadu India.
Mr. Ravindra Kumar the son of Mr. V Govindaraj has now taken up his father’s duty with happiness to continue the service of feeding the poor. Ravindra Kumar says hunger is hunger and it knows no religion, all of Gods creatures from the ant to the elephant are slaves to hunger, so he says they serve food to anyone who comes to them. He took voluntary retirement lives on the pension and has now made this a trust wherein he has members regularly supporting to feed the poor. He feels it’s a special calling and he is happy to follow in his fathers footsteps, he lost his father and he feels he much respond to Gods calling.
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