July 28, 2018

July Gratitude 2018

July just began and the journey was a quiet one- leading me step by step;

– I had back to back counseling sessions with students at my work place, which kept me quite busy and also content. I dealt mostly with issues concerning relationships, decision making and negative thinking in most my sessions, which influences me positively to become less judgmental and a little more humane, and I feel grateful for these experiences.

I am blessed to get opportunity to  travel –for two day Regional Women’s Conference that addressed “Sexual Harassment at Workplace” for the Young Women Christian Association of the South East Region in Chennai. There were delegates from the southern region and I had so much of learning listening to the resource persons and at the same time also taking one session on developing project proposal along with Neomi my friend – grateful for  these moments.

I am also happy that I could connect with a couple of my friends in Chennai; wherein I met one friend for dinner with her family and another friend I stayed over for two days – just catching up, reliving memories and moments, taking a break from my routine, moving around the city shopping and having meals together with endless sharing J

I am so privileged to have David & Dorothy for giving me the space required to learn, grow and do what I love to in my life, I am immensely thankful for their support and love – I am thankful for my sister in law (David’s sister Mary) for reaching out in my absence by offering lunch and breakfast for both of them.

This month was there was also a small event called the Monsoon Magic organized by the programme committee of the YWCA of Secunderabad. Dr. Evelyn Supriya James gave an informative session on Monsoon Illnesses - Care & Prevention. It was an interesting session and also very useful and then getting to know one another, affirming each of our strengths through simple questionnaire and sharing experiences of the recent conference, followed by some snacks friendly meetings was enough for the day to keep me happy and grateful.

I am thankful for the friends who are in my city and I watched a movie by name Dhadak. (as my daughter was eager to see this movie) Late Sridevi’s daughter and Shahid Kapoor’s step brother were paired together. The movie was a Marathi remake Sairat which is about honor killing. The ending was terrible and I felt sad and kept thinking how gruesome this killing is which is still very much prevalent in our country.

I am grateful for the time I got to read a book; as I travelled back from Chennai by myself – I picked up Twinkle Khanna’s Mrs Funnybone to keep myself entertained in the train. I was so engrossed reading I did not feel it was an overnight journey and could complete easily 235 pages with no interruptions except for those who were selling Tea and snacksJ in-between I picked up a cup of tea for myself and took some snacks too… just was happy reading Mrs Funnybones.

Goodbyes/Farewell’s are part of our lives – and am grateful I along with my friends could wish Anjana, a youth of the YWCA of Secunderabad a farewell – it was nice to meet and share and I am so happy to get a handwritten note filled with affirmations. These are gestures of gratitude which keeps lingering in our memories… I have always loved to write gratitude notes, thank you cards, birthday cards, etc… with technology this is dying I have got caught up with sms, whatsapp, FB and Gmail. So it was welcoming surprise for Anjana to give me and my friends a hand written note on gratitude along with spices.

This month I am glad to attend an event called “Life of a Girl” the purpose of this event was to inaugurate an app that would ensure safety for the girls. It was an interesting event attended by me and two other friends of mine to represent the YWCA of Secunderabad. I am inspired by the group of youngsters who have taught through to come up with an app in response to the issues related to safety of women.

I continued to post on Tree Love – which has become one of my favorites wherein I join Parul on every second Thursday and fourth Thursday and keep visiting the wonderful trees posted in this group with a dose of inspiration.

I also posted an inspiration for WATWB:

There is so much more to be grateful for and the post is getting delayed as I keep on thinking and adding to whatever has happened in this month.

Today I decided to post so that I don’t delay any further. Thank you for reading my post; appreciate you for the time you have taken to stop by and hope your July was an interesting month, would love to hear from you….

Wishing you peace and harmony!!


  1. Looks like we both have almost similar list for this month. :) Spouse's support is highly important to balance professional and personal life. I wish you happy and healthy August ahead.

  2. Thanks Shilpa= you are absolutely right without our Spouse support it will be very difficult to handle, I am happy to find some similarities for which we can be thankful for.. wishing you a great month ahead, August, 2018.

  3. Such a wonderful month it was for you, Angela. Next time when you come to Chennai, let me know, we will(try to) meet up. I will be very glad. I have heard of the app through a friend,I hope it really helps us. I am glad you are able to explore and have a supportive family. And I totally understand the delay of Gratitude posts, I keep adding too and sometimes, I think I must post it now. 😂 Happy Happy August Angela.

    1. Thanks Jayanthy:) thats so kind and sweet of you, I would definitely love to see you when I am Chennai, better luck for me next time - shall keep you in my mind when opportunity strikes..love your writings and appreciate you for being here, wishing you a great month ahead. Hugs.


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