July 1, 2018

Joyous Month -June 2018

June was a joyous month and brought so much of fun, laughter, joy, learning and a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. I made a post ready in one folder with all the images saved and due to power cut the system did not open and I couldn’t do much to retrieve the information I stored for the gratitude post. This made me do the post all over again J even though I felt it was a challenge to re do the whole process I enjoyed reliving the moments of June, here goes my gratitude  lists my list for this month:

I am glad for so many parties this month – with two birthdays, one potluck and one reunion party this month was a great where in I am blessed with a variety of experiences of meeting a lot of friends, enjoying delicious food to my heart’s content J

I am grateful for the all the learning’s of this month, I found opportunity for learning – attended a two day workshop on Cognitive Behavior Therapy organized by the Indian Association of Clinical Psychologist, Telengana Branch. I am also grateful for the training's at my centre for the newly appointed counselors for the Telengana jails.

I am happy to take a session for the school teachers on Positive Psychology – it was a new experience for me, even though I had done this session before; still I would prefer to look at it in a new way and do some study, research and add to the existing knowledge, this opportunity made me do some reading again and with relevant examples and methodologies I enjoyed taking this session.J

This month 26 June was International day for Prevention of Drug addiction and illicit trafficking so through the YWCA there was session with the polytechnic college to the students on orienting them on substance abuse and how they can prevent it. I was glad to interact with the students and be part of this programme.

I am glad to be part of the Young Women Christian Association – wherein we celebrated the rose day, the best part was a surprise birthday party for one of our old members who has been unwell and not been able to attend all the programmes – it was heart touching experience for me to be there and watch our member Janis who was an active member in the project committee and has accompanied me to almost all the programmes in the school related to  violence against women, eve teasing and health and hygiene programme for young girls of the government schools. 

One of the member baked the cake for her and there was tambola followed by the potluck lunch. This experience lingered in my memories for few days reminding me as to how life can take twist and turn suddenly. I am grateful for experience and it was a pleasure for me to meet and interact with Janis…. I am grateful for the lovely women who are so thoughtful and sensitive to have organized this small event for the members. 

My daughter Maria Dorothy had the opportunity to attend a youth camp at Sattal, Uttarkhand. I am grateful for all the learning’s she had and the way she is handling herself independently along with another youth member. Her absence was felt at home by me and David, even though we missed her so much for a week – we are glad that for her and ensured that we kept in touch with her every day on phone…..I even tried contacting her class mates to check if she was missing any learning in the college.. luckily I had taken permission from her college and she came back just missing out the first two days of the college.

This month my two sister in laws celebrated their birthdays and it was my pleasure to connect with them and pray for them. My college classmate Saroj celebrated her birthday and we friends 6 of us connected with each other over dinner and we had a good time appreciating her and also recalling our college day’s funny moments.

I am grateful for Nymphea to have organized a dinner (iftar party) for us and provided space for those of us who have gone out on travelling from the YWCA and we had the youngsters share their Sattal experiences and the other members who had gone to Singapore, Bali and Europe – there was lot of fun, food and sharing of experiences … feel so blessed for these joys.

I specially thank Neomi my friend for baking the walnut yummy cake, so very thoughtful and am grateful for these initiatives that makes me feel happy and special.
The Iftar party
On the Ramzan day we had David’s one of his childhood friend visiting us with home cooked Chicken Biryani and Shirkurma – it was like Ramzan at home to have so much food for us so there was no work in the kitchen for meJ

Amidst so many things happening David had a short trip to Mysore to visit a shrine of St Anthony after the feast, so we managed without him at home for a week; missing his cookingJ but we were happy that it was a long dream for him to visit, due to his mother’s ill health he was postponing and we were happy that he could finally make it.

Home made Biryani
This month I am grateful for the company of friends with whom I could watch the following movies: Veede Wedding –a women centric movie which was in the news for some very bold attempt of portraying women in a differently J wherein there were mixed reviews and controversies going for days in the newspaper.

I watched a Telugu Movie called “Sammohana” which was a light entertainer and good content. I admired Aditirao Hydri for her performance and stunning looks. Yesterday I watched “Sanju” which was based on the life of Sanjay dutt. I am always impressed with the Director Rajkumar Hirani, his style of  presenting Sanjay dutt’s bad choices and the mistakes of his lives, told in a way that can  move you to tears… I was so touched by some of the scenes in  the rehab home and few scenes in the jail, and his relationship with his parents… an inspiration for the youth despite all the mistakes Sanjay dutt bounces back in style..
This month I attended a funeral of one of my young friend’s mother who died of respiratory issues, it was very sad to see my friend broken and completely shattered; I had no words to comfort but just sat down silently with her and came home with a heavy heart. Every death is a reminder of how short our lives can be and there is so much to accomplish…. I am grateful for the reminder.

I am grateful for my work, my good health, family, friends and every experience for June.  The weather has been much cool, sometimes sultry – I posted two posts on tree love hosted by Parul on the second and fourth Thursday and one Post on We are the World post – spreading light in darkness.
I am also thankful for all the lovely bloggers who constantly keep inspiring me – Vidyasury, Shilpa, Parul & Susan scott.
outing with College classmates
Thanks for your patient listening, hope you enjoyed reading my post; how was your June, would love to hear from you.

Wishing you Health and Harmony!


  1. Wow! what a superbly social and joyous month for you Angela- filled me with so much happiness to read this post. Thanks for the wonderful share and I hope July brings in many more such wonderful things :-)

    1. Thanks Shalini, glad to read your thoughts and appreciate you for the affirmation, and wish you happiness and blessings too:)

  2. You have had such wonderful times on both personal and professional front, Genevive. That's really awesome. The iftaar party food looks yum.
    Hope July is equally happy and joyous for you and your family ♥

    1. Thank you shilpa, so nice to connect with you here; and yes I did not even know how the month has passed.. the food was Yum:) hoping to stay connected with you.

  3. Busy , busy, busy with good times and bad . I love the way you take life with such equanimity and feel gratitude always. Stay thus blessed

    1. Thanks Sunitha thats so kind of you, loved your compliment:) feeling grateful and blessed today as I respond...


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