January 8, 2018

Review of 2017:)

2017 was a year full of surprises for me, grateful for the way I have bounced back in action, after all the health issues, recovering and helping myself look at my over all schedule, diet and the overall focus on life. I am happy to be healthy and lost out almost 11 – 12 kgs weight with exercise, healthy choice of food, mindfulness, affirmations and of course practicing gratitude.

Happy to support my daughter in completing the School journey, joining her every day for her final exams and helping her bid goodbye to the school life; and watching her moving into college was joy for me and my husband as parents J

Travelling and sightseeing to Ooty, Mysore, Bangalore -holidaying with my friends. Also allowing my daughter to take the opportunities life offers, so glad she travelled to Delhi attending a Youth Convention, and then to Kerala for a study tour from her college and Coimbatore to attention another pre convention of the Young Women Christian Association.

Mental health is still not given due in our institutions, mainly schools and colleges as there is lack of awareness in understanding the issues. In this context I was glad to be associated in helping a degree college set up counseling centre, and evolve   systems and procedures for the institution.

2017 provided me opportunity to be part of the 2k run on suicide prevention, and also to be part of a team involved in awareness programme on substance abuse in the identified schools and colleges.

I am happy to be a member of the project committee team of the Young Women Christian association, Secunderabad that implemented the Life Skill Education programme among children from low socio economic background. It was a meaningful programme and the impact of the programme was an overwhelming experience as I listen to the children and teachers sharing some of their positive experiences in learning.

This year I was also part of the panel for discussions related to women and violence at Coimbatore, a regional meeting of the south east region, YWCA. (Young Women Christian Association of Secunderabad). 

I am grateful for the bloggers who inspired me all through the year and encouraged me with their affirmations and kind words:

 I loved the following post at random:
Tree Love posts by Parul:

Gratitude posts by Vidya:

Inspiring posts from Shilpa:

Deep and reflective posts by Susan Scott-

My Special thanks to:

David who was very particular about my health; and helped me stick to my diet and took more responsibility in handling domestic responsibilities, which helped me recover fast and for Dorothy who independently handled her studies and all the assignments, giving me free time to be involved in my work.

My friends Aparna with whom I partner and work in various projects, for her constant push and motivation. The belief she has in my capacities has always helped me to progress in my career.

My friends at the YWCA for the space and the support to be part of every programme, especially Neomi my friend for the trust that she has in me and for her love and concern.

My classmates Indra, Saroj, Subhandra, with whom I interact constantly and also go out with them and take breaks.

My nephews Sunny & Sam, who always stay in touch with me, affirm me and appreciate and show their love.

For Tabu, Nathu & Diana –kids of our extended family for all their silly conversations, laughter & Fun.

For YOU who is reading all my posts, a big Thank You J

The persons who were with me in the year 2017 are no more in this year, and my prayers for their families and may they rest in peace; none of us are sure of our tomorrows and neither are we rich enough to buy one day in our life.

I choose to travel light both personally & professionally without forgetting the lessons learnt as I age; but eternally grateful for everything.  The New Year 2018 has already begun and I wish each and everyone of you a wonderful year ahead.

Be Blessed & Be a Blessing. 


  1. Be Blessed and be a Blessing ... lovely words Genevive, you are one of the blessings I am grateful for! And you are to so many. I've so enjoyed your posts - this one is a lovely review of last year. May 2018 continue to bless you and family in abundance. Thank you for mentioning my blog, deeply appreciated! xx

    1. Thank you Susan, feels so good to hear from you, you are my Guru and I learn so much from your post as well as from the comments :) thanks for being an inspiration for me and wish you and your family members a great 2018, Love and hugs:)


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