September 7, 2018

September Birthdays!!

My dearest baby girl fruity J

On this day I received one of the most beautiful, precious and valuable gift I could have ever received in my life – you were born and today it’s unbelievable to realize that you are already 17– a teenager, blossoming into a beautiful woman. We named you Maria Dorothy, Maria in honor of Our Lady of Health – mother of Jesus and Dorothy to tell you that you are a gift from God. You were fair and chubby like a fruit and so we lovingly called you fruity.

Time just flies and for me it seems yesterday, I was carrying you around, helping you to walk, smiled and laughed with your baby talk. Enjoyed dropping you to school and watched you read and write and was happy to see you run around and cycle, and when you fell watched your dad lift you and hug you proudly beating the cycle and blaming the ground for hurting you J.

Today we are grateful to you, for all the love you showed and so lovingly accepted and adjusted with your brother who needed a little more time than you for everything. You made us proud by being obedient and taking responsibility to study on your own, manage yourself and accommodated yourself with everything that was happening in our lives. I am glad to see that you are getting older, independent and ready to take responsibility; I do respect your choices but still I want you to remember, you will always remain dad’s little girl and  my bundle of joy J
Wishing you a Happy Birthday and celebrate yourself, be grateful, have fun and trust in the Lord for everything. Love and Hugs!! Mamma & Dadda

My Birthday wishes to my nephew’ baby girl Tabitha Joana Emmanuel – who is full of love, joy and fun to be with, glad that she shares her birthday with my daughter and I cherish all those moments spent with her, loved listening to her baby talk and happy to see her growing beautifully. 

Whenever I visited their place I loved listening to her pranks and all the arguments she had with her brother Nathu. I have seen her praying, singing and dancing to her heart’s content. She does her home work neatly, and is very assertive with her brother -  I smile as I write thinking of all the moments that are now memories for me, thanking God for the gift of Tabu to our family, may she grow in wisdom and knowledge.

Happy Birthday baby girl, love from all of us !!


  1. Happy Birthday beautiful Maria Dorothy! May your day be FABULOUS and the year ahead, and all the years to come. You are a gift not only to your loving family, but to everyone. Keep on shining your gifts to the world.

    And to the lovely Tabitha also - Happy Birthday!

    1. Thank you susan thats so kind of you, appreciate your presence and blessings too. I shall communicate to my daughter, she will be happy and yes to tabitha too:)


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