August 24, 2017

Tree Love - 15

“Life becomes easier when you accept an apology you never got” Robert Brault

Tree near my window at my workplace

The word that came to my mind as I looked at this tree  is “accommodative” 

I like this word because it gives me a feeling of large heartedness to accommodate everyone, accommodate every experiences life offers, to be able to accept that we cannot change anyone or anything in this world except our own lives J

To see this tree accommodating another one in the trunk was inspiring to me J

What do you think?
What word comes to your mind when you look at this tree?
Would love to hear your thoughts….

Thanking Parul for this series on Tree Love...   

Linking this post to Parul’s  Thursday Tree LoveI have got used to looking forward to Thursdays prompt by Parul J
Thank you for reading this post!! Wishing you happiness!!

Be Blessed & Be Happy!


  1. Large hearted! The tree has allowed another plant to grow so close to its roots and even supporting its branches..

    1. Thank you Archana, nice to connect here... yes the tree has allowed:) and is supportive too :)

  2. Your window has such a beautiful sight. You are right, the tree is sure accommodating and I find it happy too. Look at the way it is growing and green. Thank you for joining.

    1. Thank you Parul, it is indeed a beautiful sight and yes I loved your statement ... growing and green... when we accommodate we grow. Thanks for initiating Tree Love:)

  3. Yes, it's amazing how the big trees give the little climbers a helping hand along the way.

    1. True, I was impressed with this tree:)speaking to me....thanks for stopping by..


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