August 22, 2017

My Experiment with Pesarattu Dosa

“A Recipe has no soul; you as the cook must bring soul to the recipe” Thomas Keller
Breakfast ready at home
Today I made Pesarattu Dosa(a form of pancake) for breakfast – which is an Andhra cuisine easy to make; it is supposed to be highly nutritious. Thanks to my help who taught me how to do it.  I never attempted thinking that it s a long process and difficult to make, but to my surprise – I found it simple and easy.

My mother was a great cook and she tried a variety of dishes for breakfast and I enjoyed everything that she did; the best part of her recipe was that she knew how to make use of everything that is available in the kitchen and present it in a way that used to be delicious.
Pesarattu dosa on a low flame
I never made attempts to learn as I was not very keen on cooking. After marriage, I learnt to cook and had to adapt myself in the family I lived with. Children entering my life, I tried to do simple things for snacks, breakfast.  Today after a long time I wanted to learn something that I have never done and was glad with my experiment.

During my chat with my friend last night who is in Tampa (Florida) helping her daughter who delivered a baby girl. She told me a few recipes and I felt I could try ginger chutney to match the Pesarattu dosa. Thankful to my friend Subhandra who guided me to make ginger chutney to match this dosa. Last night she sent me the recipe and today morning I tried and am so happy that I could experiment.  

Ingredients required for Pesarattu Dosa
3 cups Green grams soaked in water for 8 hours
2 green chillies
Fenugreek (Methi) one small teaspoon
1 large spoon white rice
Salt to taste.

Ground all the above together and make it a batter
Use a nonstick pan, put it on the stove and spread the batter
We can add upma with finely chopped onions and green chilies.

Ingredients required for ginger chutney
1 inch ginger (peel and cut into pieces)
1 small spoon cumin seeds (jeera)
10 red dry chillies
Tamarind soaked in the water

ingredients for ginger chutney

Ginger Chutney
Fry ginger, cumin seeds, chillies with little oil on a pan; and then put all the ingredients together and ground to form a paste.

Ingredients required for Upma
½ cup sooji (semolina)
Cumin seeds
Black mustard seeds
Curry leaves

Pour1 tsp oil in the kadai and fry cumin, mustard seeds, add curry leaves for few minutes and pour 2 cups of water, add salt to taste.  Let it boil and then add ½ cup sooji, mix it well till it become soft paste, and then serve it with Pesarattu.

Note: green gram is also called moong dal, we get both whole ones in green colour and broken ones  too, we can use whichever we like)

Thank you for reading my post J Appreciate you for being here !!
Be Blessed & Be a Blessing!!


  1. Well done Janet,super,it's tempting 👍 I know it taste good becoz you did with luv,enjoy pesarattu 👌👌

    1. Hi subbu dear, welcome to my blog and thanks for your compliments, and thanks for all the lovely conversations; hope to see you soon, love and hugs:)

  2. Yummy. It is now breakfast time here in California. And, I am hungry.

    1. :) :) please have breakfast now dear. Thanks for being here, appreciate your comments.

  3. Oh this looks really good! Way to go on making a recipe with a challenge :)

    1. Thank you for motivating me, yet to learn some more new dishes... hopefully will try some new items:)

  4. Ooooo this looks delicious and I can tell it's highly aromatic as well! Thanks Genevieve! I love your quote about soul - that one brings soul to the recipe -

    1. Hi Susan :) it is nutritious and delicious, but must be careful with the chillies :) my daughter loved this but found it very hot and spicy:) so I must reduce chilli. Glad you love the quote. Thanks for connecting here


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