May 8, 2017

Thursday Tree Love 1

Trees are poems that the earth writes upon the sky _ Kahlil Gibran

horsley hills- play

horsley hills

horsley hills walking path
I have always loved sitting under trees; remember my childhood how I used to play caroms under the tree with my neighboring friends, for hours together enjoying the cool breeze. 

Now when I saw this tree in one of my holiday trips at Horsley’s hills, I was fascinated by it as it’s not one tree but more than one intertwined with each other and standing strong, green and tall.

I sat there in the evening hours and sometimes in the morning hours just watching the trees.  I feel grateful for those who have spent time in planting and taking care of these trees here. The place is cool because of the trees. 

Thanks to shilpa for sharing this post . 

I am glad to see  this  link to Thursday Tree Love, a photo feature hosted by Parul Thakur

Hope to post this Thursday !!

Be happy !!


  1. intertwined trees ... how lovely!

    1. Thanks Susan, I love to gaze at these trees and feel the breeze:)


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