May 18, 2017

Trees at Horsley Hills

clicked by Maria Dorothy
One of the most fascinating aspects of Horsley hills was the trees; I have always loved the trees and would marvel at the way they grow tall, huge and spread itself. Big and huge trees always fill me with happiness, and they remind me of memorable times of my life- my childhood where I always found a tree to sit and had lunch at my school; for picnics I always chose trees that give shade and clean breeze and with friends sit hours to gether even after lunch and keep chatting away without even looking at the watch.

Trees of different sizes, shapes, and height and width with greenery around is any day a refreshing time for me. I fell in love with the trees here; which was so wonderful to see, they were ancient and entwined with other trees, I was amazed at two separate trees branching out as one; some roots have grown so much; they look like swings. I even sat on the branch of the tree that gave me a gentle swing.

clicked by Maria Dorothy
I liked one tree which was at the kids zone; it looked ancient and roots were dark black and was clearly visible at the surface, the roots were thick and were joint to the adjacent tree; both huge trees standing at the same ground but roots and a few branches were joined together, looking like one big tree… on close observation, we can see they are separate trees. I stood there for a while totally in awe and admiration to see how beautifully they were standing tall and strong, in silence, swinging their branches communicating oneness.  I could see people walking around admiring this tree and even sitting there just doing nothing.

I just felt happy looking at this tree; and I insisted my daughter to take a few pictures, being among trees is pleasant experience and I feel very good, a feast for my eyes and a refreshing experience.  
Trees also remind me to be generous, as it share itself the fruits, flowers, leaves with everyone around; even those who have not contributed to its growth; trees also provide space for birds not only to sit on its branches, but also to make their nests telling me that I too need to give space for those who are vulnerable, weak and require support.

Trees stand strong and deeply rooted, despite heavy rains and winds telling me to be courageous in times of adversity and be rooted in faith & hope. After a stay of two days I packed my bag with gratitude for having being here; the silence and the chirping of the birds were musical to me that I carried them in my heart.

“Our greatest experiences are quietest moments” Friedrich Nietzsche

Be Happy! 

I have written this post during my visit to horsley hills,  glad to link this post to  #Thursday TreeLove hosted by   


  1. This is so lovely Genevive! I love trees too. You gave such a beautiful description of them! I will look at trees with a wider eye now when I go walking. I love watching bare trees get back their leaves as spring approaches.

    1. Thanks Susan, nice to hear.. I am grateful to God for surrounding me with trees at my work place, I just love them... I can see them from my window and If I find a beautiful garden, I will just sit there by myself admiring the beauty and get that captured in my mind; to keep recalling and reliving those moments... I do admire bare trees... they look artistic like a painting for me, thanks for being here... am enjoying your series of posts..

    2. am looking out into my garden and beyond where the trees are gently blowing in the wind ...

  2. smiling as I read this sentence susan, the weather is pleasant and am happy to connect with you..

  3. I have also always had a fondness for trees since childhood. Thankful I am blessed to live around so many. Enjoyed you reflections on your visit to Horsley Hills! 😊
    I Saw it on Facebook at Life & Faith in Caneyhead. :)


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