April 19, 2017

Sr Loretta

This picture came with a Christmas card to me - December, 1989

Today morning I remembered a beautiful soul who was very kind and helpful in my life.  Without her support and help I wouldn’t have stepped into the college. She was generous and went out of her way to reach out to students.  Especially those who were from the lower middle class and needed the push to move on and make decisions.

 She was Sr Loretta Britto - a nun sister from the sisters of charity congregation; wherein my elder sister Sr Barthalomeau was her batch mate. They were posted in the same convent and they were good friends. Unfortunately my sister passed away at a very young age of 26 and I was too young to understand death; and was quite frightened of everything that was happening in the family, especially during the funeral.   

After I completed my school I had no clue what I need to do and so was very confused, absolutely no confidence and very poor self concept – it was at this juncture that I met this beautiful person Sr Loretta and for me she was truly an angel in disguise, because she was the one who motivated and inspired me to study; she gave me a valuable gift – the gift of time wherein she would spend some time despite her busy schedule in the college and motivated me to continue studies.

“Always remember people who have helped you along the way, and don’t forget to lift someone up” Roy T. Bennett.

It was not an easy task as I was not a brilliant student- I could just score average and so was not sure whether I would make it. Now when I turn back and look at my past, I smile and thank God for I have come a long way.  Today whatever I am able to do, I owe a lot to this sister who was so kind; not only she took interest in my life, but she also introduced other sisters in the library and her junior sisters too became my friend, and they till date are my friends.

I have beautiful memories  of her interactions with me in the office, at the chapel and wherever she met me. I do not have a picture of her, but found one in my old file, which she sent me from Uganda, where she went on a mission to work for the poor.

Today  just want to be thankful for her even though she is not alive; she continues to live in my life and am inspired by all that I have learnt because of her in my life. I am sure she is proudly smiling from above along with my sister. Today I value what I have and am grateful for my work that gives me opportunity to encourage, motivate, and give hope to the hopeless. I feel responsible to give back what I have received to the community and pay forward.

“We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives” John F. Kennedy

Thank you for reading, appreciate you for being hereJ


  1. Agree with you that we must truly thank people who help, support and guide us when we need them the most. It's wonderful that you had such positive influence in your growing up years.

    1. Very true shilpa, I feel so blessed when I keep thinking of all those lovely persons who had a great influence in my life, they are the wonderful souls who helped me believe in myself:) Now its my turn ....

  2. That's so lovely Genevive; I'm sure Sr. Loretta is smiling down on you, remembering you with equal fondness. So true, lift up others when we can - and always remember that we too have been lifted up by the kindness of people.

    1. Thanks susan, true I do feel people who leave us, do not really disappear; but are there watching from above and its a privilege to encounter such people who leave a mark on us lives, they truly great souls who have set the trend to follow...


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