April 26, 2017

Gratitude for April 2017

Board Exams for class X is over, my daughter Maria Dorothy has completed 12 years of schooling –we as parents are so happy that she is now moving into college and – which makes me feel not only glad but excited to have a college going daughter now at home. It is such a relief, for a whole month, we never went out for any movies or outing and were waiting for the exam to get over. 

We  as parents are aware of teenage problems, and I don’t expect a smooth transition there will be ups and downs but I am sure that with faith in God and belief in myself we should be able to deal with every  challenge.
Me and my friends
We went for a couple of movies with my daughter and my friends – as my friends  were also waiting for a break from the routine and we had a good time watching a movie which was entertaining and also had message on the need to respect and value a  girl child and women.

I completed another book reinventing yourself, Steve chandelier. This book I purchased at the Calcutta airport but never completely read. I enjoyed reading this book which only reinforced the importance of taking responsibility from being a victim to becoming a decision maker.

Season of lent was very meaningful, as it gave me and our family plenty of opportunities to reflect, pray and get involved in our parish community and we are happy about that – it was also a time for me to reconnect with inner self, to bring in changes that would impact my life.I desire to bring in changes that would make me proactive, enthusiastic and passionate about everything I do in my life.

I was feeling bad that this year I did not take part in the A-z challenge, even though I was making plans to blog on books I have read from A – Z. I found myself torn between my regular work, my health and my daughter’s board exam. So decided to give up this so that I am not very stressed. Nevertheless I enjoyed reading Susan’s and Shilpa’s blog regularly.

Be thankful for everything that happens in your life; its all an experience. Roy T Bennett.

The Easter celebration was quiet- we attended mass, which was a grand celebration in our parish; wherein the priest preached motivating sermon, helping the congregation to reflect on the meaning of Easter. He shared on the importance  and significance of this day, a message that touched my heart – Never to give up, never become discouraged, there is always an Easter after Good Friday. Jesus is the model for us to believe that no matter what we go through in life, we will always grow and find meaning and purpose to everything in life.

Me with Nathu & Tabu, my nephews kids

This month I went out to a resort –I have been wanting to take my daughter and my nephews kids out for a day … one day  I just made a decision  to give a break for myself and my daughter; also beat the heat in spending some time in cool places .
Swimming pool
I did not want to wait for the perfect time and so took a quick decision to spend one whole day swimming in the pool for a little while and playing with the kids in the children’s park and doing nothing. It was a great experience to be away from home and enjoy self.

Alankrita Resort

Children's park
This month the vacation bible camp also began from 25 April to 5 May, 2017. My daughter Maria Dorothy enjoys these camps as she learns new songs, and interacts with young people of the similar age group. This year she will be in young adults groups and it will be a learning experience.

Osmania University, Hyderabad – the place where I work celebrates 100 years of its existence and so there has been a grand celebration for three full days, wherein the president of our country was the chief guest and a lot of academic and cultural programmes is happening. I am glad to be here this part of history to witness the whole community of the campus coming together and taking part in various activities. We have had the media coverage for our centre in one of the local channels, was happy to talk about the centre and the issues we deal with and all the information pertaining to the counseling centre.

There were also reporters coming over from the newspapers wanting to understand and write about the counseling centre – which always gives me happiness to talk about and share this information especially for the students and those who are in need of counseling.

YWCA Day at Secunderabad. Telengana
I am also happy to be involved in the YWCA that celebrated “World YWCA Day” this year the theme was Rise Up: Support and Invest in Young Women’s Rights. There was a session on Women's Rights by a young lawyer Anjana Ramanathan, a very enthusiastic and vibrant speaker who highlighted women’s rights broadly and shared her experiences in dealing with various cases related to property rights, domestic violence and the importance of making a will to avoid conflicts after death. There was also sharing on the new initiatives in the organization in empowering young people with life skills education. The experience was a pleasant, meeting the resource team and also the members; which was followed by a fellow ship meal.

This month too there were two deaths in the friends circle, and there was one suicide of a young 17 year old college student, whose mother works as a staff in the campus. It pained me to see the mother suffering and how she did everything to protect her son; who was a great support to her and was helping her take decision to leave her husband who is an alcoholic addict and fights every day. She wept inconsolably… I had no words to comfort but just allowed her to express herself, gave her a hug and encouraged her to stay in touch.

Be mindful. Be grateful. Be positive. Be true. Be kind” Roy T Bennett.

Death and suicides disturbs our minds and makes us sad; but at the same time it also reminds us of how we need to be prepared to face death when it comes to us; hence its all the more important to thank God for the gift of life, and live every moment with gratitude. 

Thank you for reading this post, hope you have a gratitude list for April:)

Be Blessed & Be Happy !!


  1. What a month April was for you Genevive! Firstly, all good wishes as Maria Dorothy takes her first steps in furthering her education at college. That's a HUGE milestone! The photographs are lovely! I swing on swings when I get a chance! The photo of you with your nephew's kids, Nathu & Tabu - the one next to you looks so like my David as a young child.

    I am sorry to hear about the suicide of the 17 yr old - how troubled his heart must have been. There are no words really when such a thing happens. Except for us to remember to be grateful when we have families, food, roofs over our heads and are able in whatever way, to help others less fortunate than ourselves.

    1. Hi Susan,thanks for all the good wishes for Maria Dorothy, the first week of may we will visit the college to get the form for admission. I love to swing and I did enjoy swinging :) my fb page you will find me and Dorothy swinging side by side :) I pray for the mother of the boy; as she needs support and encouragement and I consider it my privilege to reach out and just provide space for her to vent whenever she feels down. Its a tragedy so unexpected and it will take some time for her to reconcile to the situation. Yes ! Susan that reminds us to be grateful for all that we have in our lives... thank you for being here, I appreciate your kind words.

  2. In Hybd, you have college after class 10th? My son gave his 10th boards this year too. Good luck to Dorothy for her future endeavors.
    It's wonderful that you spent quality time with kids and had good fun with them.
    Appreciate your support all through this month, Genevive. You are amazing!
    Sorry about the death of the student. It is heartbreaking to see young people taking their lives and leaving behind sadness and grief. May he rest in peace and may the lord give strength to his family.

  3. Thank you shilpa for being here; yes in hyd we have college after 10th. I am picking up the forms for the intermediate college next week for my daughter. Looks like your son has school upto 12th standard. I always love playing with kids and enjoy their conversations - which makes me forget my age:) :) Your A-Z theme was good and you have done a brilliant job and I must say that you are blessed with creativity. I was looking forward everyday to your post. Yes shilpa its very difficult and painful to deal with the family and I was lost for few days, listening to the mother and all the plans her son made... I opened up my heart and the place for her to come whenever she felt like venting... and keep praying for the family.

  4. You seem to have had a quite an eventful month Angela. I can relate to the relief after the 10th board exam is done...for all parties concerned,even the parents. Wish your daughter good luck with all the next steps. Distressing to hear about the suicide of a teenager...must be a tough time for the mother, and it's great you can offer support.

    1. Thank you friend for your good wishes for my daughter; and now we are busy with the college process:) counseling the person who has lost a teenager is quite challenging and I am glad for the space the campus has for situations like this, to offer support.


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