September 2, 2016

Gratitude for August 2016

My Gratitude list for August 2016:

This month began with two very important birthdays of my friends and with friendship day, it was great to remember them with gratitude and thinking of them made me happy. I was glad to spend some time and also go out with one friend for lunch and first time tried to have a vegetarian buffet – at a new place very far away from my place.  I enjoyed their company listening and chatting away endlessly for a long time and took a few pics together.

This month David had to go for a laser treatment for varicose veins, which he has been postponing for a long time. He was exploring alternatives and finally our family doctor advised that he go for the laser treatment which is a bit expensive but has 90 to 95% success rate. I am grateful to God for our family doctor who took the initiative and motivated David to go for this treatment at the earliest. He not only advised but found a good doctor and personally took interest in ensuring that everything goes well, before and also after the treatment he was regularly visiting our home to check if all was well.

I am blessed to have been surrounded by so many of our well wishers, friends and extended family who stood by me, praying for us and also visiting us and a few of our friends went out of their way to help us, some stayed with David from the day he took admission to the very next day of his discharge, another friend of mine sent her driver to take us back home. We had continuous prayers from all sides, assuring us, calling us and supporting us in so many different ways. I am immensely grateful and lucky to have so many who care, encourage and standby in these moments.

The laser treatment was successful and David is recovering fast, with the stockings and also joined work and has got into his routine, strictly following the doctor’s advice. I felt a bit scared and insecure about this treatment, later on with trust in the lord and family and friends by my side, everything went on well. I got this whatsapp message from one of my friend asking me to relax and I found it a timely inspiration to calm down.

My HOD too was kind enough to relieve me for a couple of days, and I am grateful for her and my colleagues who took care of the centre in my absence and one or two days I could work on the flexible timing.

My gratitude also to my daughter was very cooperative by doing all  her homework by herself, attending the tuition and managing well, taking responsibility to keep the home neat and tidy while I was with David in the hospital.

I was also glad to be part of the International Youth Day programme celebrated by the Young Women Christian Association, Secunderabad (YWCA). It was a privilege for me to spend half day with the youngsters, so full of energy and creativity. There was a dance competition organized and it’s a treat for the eyes to see the youth dancing. There were nine groups comprising of 80 children, majority from the government schools from our neighborhood.  I was invited as the President to share and few words on the topic “Choices” and how the choice we make influences our future.  I took time to check the theme for the international youth day 2016 and connected the theme to how important it is for youth to make decisions that can empower them. It was a pleasure for me to interact and speak to them, it was a memorable experiences. I am grateful for this opportunity to spend time and be with the youngsters who not only motivate but also energize me.

There was also another group of youth, girls who are in the process of forming the Y-units and together with my daughter I attended this meeting with the young girls, to discuss issues pertaining to them and I was happy to see my daughter taking initiative in doing an ice breaker session, encouraging the girls to laugh.

This month I was happy to connect with an old friend who celebrated his 25th wedding anniversary, and called the choir that sang for his wedding – to connect with the old choir after 25 years and singing the same old songs, was a beautiful experience by itself. I love singing and have always sung in the choir from very young age. The songs came effortlessly and sounded melodious as the voices now were mature and we as a group sang with confidence. Singing has always been a God experience for me, as the words were from the scriptures giving me courage, strengthening my faith and leading me forward with hope and optimism.

This month I had to deal with critical situations, as the students who came in this month were depressed and suicidal. The sessions were mostly follow up providing space to vent and encouraging them to adhere to the medications and come back for counseling. I was feeling very sad listening to the way they struggle to deal with abuse in various forms, worse still within the family and complicated relationship issues, and still others with personality disorders. 

I am grateful for the opportunity to address them in the counseling session; and also to help them connect with doctors and other institutions that deal with legal issues. Every time the students came in and thanked me for the service, and showed me signs of improvement. My gratitude multiplied and gave me a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment,  at the end of the day I could sleep with gratitude feeling accomplished for the day.

“Gratitude is not only the memory but the homage of the heart rendered to God for his goodness” Nathaniel Parker Willis


  1. Very intersting gratitude post. My prayers for your son !!!

  2. Thank you, appreciate your comment, wishing you Gods blessings :)


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