August 1, 2016

Gratitude for July 2016

July 31st the last day of the month and 7th month of the year completed, I want to be grateful for this month that has gone by and count my blessings.

I am grateful to recover back to good health, to continue with yoga and meditation after all the impact of the antibiotics.  Its always nice to bounce back in good health and be happy and cheerful to get into the regular routine.

I am actually touched and overwhelmed by one of my student who visited me at the counseling center, with a box of sweets thanking me; for the help he has received at our centre, for now he has become a successful professor in physics and has enhanced his net worth.  He told me how grateful he was to me and our center.  

It was such a positive feeling bringing in me the joy of doing meaningful work and I came back home content and feeling very good about the work I do. I shared the sweets with my colleagues and also at home.

I am grateful to find a teacher for Dorothy my daughter, who is in class X now. Maths and physics has been tough for her; and I was finding difficult to handle it. Since it’s the last year in the school and it’s the final exam I want to ensure that she get through with good grades. I was searching for her to find a teacher in the surrounding area, and luckily through my daughter’s friend I was able to find a good teacher who could help us. This is truly a blessing to find a teacher who can help my daughter with Math’s and Physics.

I am also grateful to my brother and sister in law for welcoming me always to their place. It was a joy for me to play with my nephews kids. Visiting and spending time the kids is always fun, away from my routine house work, far from computers and mobile and just having a good time rejuvenates.

I am also grateful for friends and family who are always there in my life; and this month I am glad to have watched a Hindi movie “Sultan” once with friends and another time with my family.  I felt very good and motivated too. Even though I am not a great fan of this movie hero, I felt movie was inspiring with a message “Never to give up” in life, and never to accept defeat.

I am so happy for the last seven months that has gone by and so many changes both personally and professionally, great surprises, new experiences, opportunities for growth and happiness. Looking forward to August with optimism, faith and progress!!

Wishing Happiness always J


  1. A lovely post Genevieve and great that you've bounced back! That was such a touching story of that young man now a prof coming to give you sweets to thank you for your previous help at the centre! May you carry that glow with you forever!

  2. Thanks susan, its always a joy to hear from you and yes glad to be healthy, sometimes we need experiences to learn to value our bodies(otherwise we take it granted). I am happy to stay connected and slowly getting back to good health making a lot of changes in diet and exercising to stay fit. Appreciate you for being here, and thanks for your encouraging words :)

  3. Glad that you are fit and fine now and have love and support of your loved ones. I am yet to watch Sultan, though not too keen on it! :D

  4. Thanks shilpa, its a pleasure to connect with you; You remain my constant inspiration for writing(which I am not doing :)regularly). I enjoyed sultan, even though I am not a great fan of salman. you can watch it once, it inspired me, despite all the stupid comment he made :)


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