July 1, 2016

Guwahti – Gate way to North East!

It’s always nice to take a break and come back to my space to relive my pleasant experiences and as I keep writing and expressing myself, there is joy and gratitude for everything that has gone by and it only makes me thank God for every opportunity and experience. 

This year truly as I declared for myself is a year of exploration and so far I am glad for the last six months for so many experiences of visiting new places, makes small changes in my thinking patterns, life style and also gave a new look to my house with making the required changes.  I have still so much to share about my North east trip and today I want to share about my visit to Guwahti. 

Guwahti, as rightly called is the gate way to the North east. If you want to travel around north east, we have to go via Guwahti. So we travelled by road from Guwahti to Meghalaya and enjoyed visiting all the places in this state by road and came back to Guwahti. We spent one day in Guwahti and visited few places within the limited time that we had.

Guwahti is very popular for the temples and I visited two very famous temples, one is the kamakya temple which is built  Kamakhya Temple is pre Aryan situated atop the Nilachal Hill. The foremost shrine of Assam, it right on the top of a hill and we can the whole city of Guwahti from here.We also visited the Umananda temple which is in the middle of the Brahmaputra River. We need to take a boat ride to this place, which is supposed to be the smallest riverine island in the world. It was interesting to see this place which had very few in habitants; there were shops and lot of greenery.

I took opportunity to visit one my very old colleague, with whom I have worked for 13 years and now she is settled in this place. It was a pleasure to spent time with her and relive beautiful memories, had lunch with her and stayed on till evening hours and returned back to the hotel.   I felt so energized and happy for having met my friend and also for going around this city, travelled by rickshaw after so many years.

The last time I travelled in rickshaw was with my mother, almost 3 decades ago… as I don’t get to see any rickshaw, we have autos and cabs now in Hyderabad. I enjoyed sitting with my daughter, also took some pictures. I was missing the south Indian breakfast and found a nice place in Guwahti and enjoyed my favourite masala dosa in this restaurant. I went around window shopping in the evening hours picked some Assam tea leaves, for David as he enjoys making tea in the morning. 

Being Sunday not many shops were open and so we moved to another friends house and enjoyed Chinese noodles for dinner, came back to the hotel with gratitude to get ready to pack for the next morning flight to Calcutta.

Memories are the timeless treasure of the heart J


  1. I love your travel posts Genevieve thank you for sharing them. The photos are lovely too!

    1. Thanks susan, I am glad you like them.... taking my time in posting as and when I want to;balancing the other things in life:)

  2. Visiting North East has been on our travel wish list for long. We hope to tick it off from our list soon. It's so wonderful that you explored and enjoyed your trip to Guwahati! Have heard a lot about the Kamakhya Temple. On this travel trip David didnt accompany you? Or was he the official photographer of the trip?! :)

    1. Nice to know shilpa, its worth to visit North East and yes we did have a good time. David could not accompany us, as his mother was not well, and he had to stay back to take care of her. Even though there is a helper, since she is old and attached to David; he preferred to stay back and let us travel. Its a blessing to have David for giving us the space for me and our daughter to travel while he takes care of his mom and our home.


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