July 22, 2016

Getting back to Practicing Gratitude

It feels good to write after a long time, especially when you don’t feel like writing, unwell for some time, no motivation to post. I felt the best thing to do is to count my blessings and write a gratitude post to focus on all the positive aspects of life, and keep myself happy. There is so much to be thankful for especially in the last month.

Attended the wedding of Pierre Patrick, who is my friend Theresa’s son. Theresa and I have been great friends for the last 3 decades. We have stayed together in the same hostel in Chennai and part of a prayer group in our younger days.  We have always stood by each other and have kept in touch even after we have been married. Theresa worked as a school teacher and retired a few years ago, she and her husband worked very hard, educated their children helped them to graduate, built their own house and they were helping  their son to settle down with the girl of his choice. 

Theresa invited me two months in advance ensuring me to book my travel tickets to Vellore (Tamilnadu) to attend the wedding. I booked the tickets for all three of us, and David too was happy to take a small break as he could not accompany us to the north east trip. In the last minute David had to drop out as his mother was unwell and so I and my daughter attended this wedding.  I was happy to connect with my friend and stayed with the family, had a nice time and also took chance to go around Vellore.
Christian Counseling Centre

Church at Vellore

Vellore is one of the districts of tamilnadu and is very prominent for institutions like the   Christian medical college (CMC) which is supposed to be the second best in the county and Vellore Institute of technology (VIT) is one of the best private engineering college. I have heard about the CCC – Christian Counseling Centre that conducts full time counseling and was inspired by the founders. I took time to meet Dr B.J. Prashantham who is the director of this centre and was touched by his hospitality. He not only welcomed me and my daughter to this centre but also facilitated a meeting with his staff in sharing about their activities.
Dr Prashantam, Director, CCC with me and my daughter

I felt blessed by his gesture for he also took us for lunch and sightseeing in Vellore. I am grateful and inspired by his simplicity, warmth and generosity. He also gave me copies of Indian Journal of Psychological Counseling which is published by the CCC.  The research articles published in this journal was enlightening and inspired me to also look into contributing some articles related to the area of my work.
Vellore Golden temple

After the wedding my friend Theresa took us around Chennai and took care of us; till it was time for us to travel back to Hyderabad. Soon we got into the routine, my daughter school reopened and I got back to work at the campus and was glad to meet my students.
South Indian Restaurant, Vellore

This year as the word I chose for myself was “Explore” and in so many ways I felt I was exploring myself in being healthy and fit one on side, renovated our home this summer which was a dream come true and brought so much of happiness to our family. 
St Thomas Mount, Chennai

Airport View from Thomas mount

Having family and friends praying, affirming, helping and encouraging us made a huge difference and we are grateful to God to have given us the right persons to work, who went out of their way in suggesting and helping us decide in choosing the material, buying and getting it done, sometimes working late hours and completing the work even on a Sunday. 

There is a lot more to be grateful for and I shall continue to do so in my next post, gratitude keeps me healthy and happy as well.

Be Blessed and Be Happy!


  1. I can feel your wellness returning Genevieve! :) The photos are just lovely! What a lovely interlude meeting with your friend again and attending her son's wedding and meeting with Dr Prashantam. I hope David's mother is better but especially I hope you are well on the way to being fully healthy. Have a lovely weekend :)

  2. Thanks susan that so very kind of you, David's mother is better but unpredictable, as she is old and finds difficult to move around. David is very caring and ensures that she is fine. I am now much better and hoping for a relaxed weekend.


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