April 22, 2016

S–Smile 

I have chosen 26 tips for married life as my theme for the
A-Z challenge 2016. Today’s word is Smile

SMILE!! I smile as I write this post, because smile has done wonders in my life and I want you to smile J as you read this post. Everything in life can be sorted and resolved and cleared with a smile, for smile enhances our face value. They say it takes 72 muscles to frown but only 14 to smile so why give so much work to our facial muscles… In a marital life a cheerful face with a smile predicts a positive disposition, good health and satisfaction of life.

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Researchers have shown the health benefits of smiling and how it can positively affect us:

                 Smile makes us look attractive;Smile changes our moods
Smile can be contagious;Smile relives stress;
 Smile boots immune system
     Smile lowers blood pressure;       

                                              Smile releases endorphins, which are natural pain killers 
                     and serotonin natural antidepressant that  
                    helps body fight off symptoms off illness.
Smile makes you successful
   Smile makes you look younger
Smile helps you stay positive

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Life is full of challenges and with a smile we can learn to De Stress ourselves; focusing on the positive side and take steps to De stress by being physically and mentally healthy. I smile everyday as I look into the mirror and feel happy; helps me cope with stress.

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It has helped me stay happy and helped me even in times of difficulty. I have learnt to smile with my tears and also amidst chaos and confusion.

Keep smiling J


  1. Smile is the best ornament a woman can wear and flaunt! And being cheerful and keeping a happy mood does ensure a healthy marital life!


    1. So true ! and its a choice we can make to keep smiling:) no matter what ..

  2. True that. Smiles are always in fashion and are great way to bust stress and tension around. :)

    1. Nice to have you here, feel blessed !! thanks :)

  3. totally agree. I am a naturally smiley person and tend to project a positive attitude to life. Sometimes a smile can hide my doubts and fears. My husband told me it was my smile that he first noticed about me which is lovely

    1. Thats so lovely to hear; sure you must be the most charming person with smile.. thanks for being here, appreciate you !!


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