April 19, 2016

P– Prayer

I have chosen 26 tips for married life as my theme for the
A-Z challenge 2016. Today’s word is Prayer 

I am delayed in posting today, due to frequent power cuts; hoping to visit all you lovely people and waiting to read your post. Hopefully tomorrow will be better than today J

Today’s word is prayer  for this post. This word prayer has been very important for me in my life. As a child I was instilled in to believe in prayer; as both my mom and dad were very prayerful and taught us to pray every day.  They shared their faith stories of how they overcame challenges in their lives in moments of doubts, failures, sickness, hardships and even financial crisis. Raising up 9 children along with reaching out to extended families was not easy for both my mom and dad.

I watched them pray as a child and I learnt to prayer by imitation; so I carried this habit of praying constantly, seeking God’s blessings in everything I did. By the time I got married, my dad expired and my mom was left alone to handle the responsibility of settling me down in marriage; and she did the best that she could and told me to trust in God and accept the proposal, believing in the best. 
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Today I have no regrets for the decision I made to get married to David who is equally religious and very devoted to prayer, fasting and making sacrifices. Being the eldest child with a responsibility of taking care of his family; when his father left them, never to come back, he had to work hard to take up whatever work that came in depriving himself of education in order to keep his family together. In this process he found refuge in holding on to his faith that he picked up from his grandmother who was very religious, and influenced him positively to believe and trust in God at all times.

As a couple we both believed in God and in prayers; so despite whatever situations in our life, we were able to face every challenge together. There were trying moments in our lives, a road accident that crushed David’s leg and the doctors felt that he may not walk easily, and he was totally bed ridden and with faith in the Lord, he was able to walk. When I conceived my second child, the doctors told me that I would have a natural abortion as the foetus was very small, with prayers and faith Emmanuel our special child was gifted to us, and he lived with us for 7 years until he bid final good bye to us. We stood strong together only because of our faith and trust in the Lord.

There are so many other challenges that came rocking our family boat, amidst all storms there is faith, hope and above all peace. Both I and David are extremely different, in our tastes and there is nothing similar. It was only prayer that made us kneel down and bow before the creator and both us unique as we are evolved our own ways of praying, and we continue to evolve learning new forms of prayer.

The power of prayer is seen in the way we have evolved and continue to evolve as persons seeking God’s will, and finding our unique purpose in our lives. Prayer has helped us to trust one another and to believe in the commitment we made to each other to stand by one another at all times.
 Be Blessed & Be Happy !


  1. I believe in the power of prayers too and they give so much strength and peace. KG and I have our own ways of praying, but the faith and belief is common and that's what matters the most!

    1. Yes shilpa, for me raised in a catholic traditional family that believed and ensured that we prayed everyday:) even though sometimes it was a pain... today I value the power of prayer:)


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