April 17, 2016

O– Optimism

I have chosen 26 tips for married life as my theme for the
A-Z challenge 2016. Today’s word is Optimism

I checked Google for the meanings and definitions on optimism and I found the following:  “Optimism is hopefulness and confidence about the future or the success” another one was “Optimism is a tendency to expect the best possible outcome or dwell on the most hopeful aspects of a situation.Optimism is a form of positive thinking that includes the belief that you are responsible for your own happiness and that more good things will …
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I love this word Optimism – for me this word carries a lot of enthusiasm, energy, power and responsibility. As an individual I always desired to be optimistic and tried my best to look out for the best even in the worst situations of life. I am glad I cultivated this attitude to be optimistic in everything I did, in fact I entered marital life with optimism in a joint family, and to a man I never met in my life.

But deep in me I had the confidence and optimism that I will do well, that it’s just another phase of my life and so with faith I walked ahead allowing myself to be transformed with the new environment, extending my relationships to the other members, permitted myself to learn recipes commonly used for cooking and on the whole adapted myself well  in the new  family.
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Today I am glad to even have learnt a new language (Telugu) which I did not know, but I found the family speaking among themselves. (I came from a family that spoke Tamil) Today I can speak Telugu fluently, working in the service sector, it is very important to communicate in the local language. Now I counsel, teach and take sessions in this language and enjoy myself communicating.

Despite all challenges in marital life, having an optimistic attitude does help, to  make the journey a little lighter, because it alters your thinking and attracts the very best in your life !

Be Blessed & Be Happy!



  1. Optimism is that bubble of hope that is always on your horizon, the feeling that everything will be just right! You are blessed if you ahve that spirit in life! A very positive trait you have shared Angela.
    Thanks and keep smiling!

  2. Thanks Kala for being so kind in your comment, appreciate you for being here and enjoying every post of yours:)

  3. It doesn’t pay to get discouraged or disheartened. Looking at the situations positively is the way forward! Learning a new language is so wonderful. You are so inspiring, Genevive! :)

    1. very true shilpa, rightly said it is always good to see something positive in every experience.. thanks for your compliments.


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